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    Surat Al Baqara 2:2

    This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah -

    یہ کتاب (قرآن مجید) اس میں کچھ شک نہیں (کہ کلامِ خدا ہے۔ خدا سے) ڈرنے والوں کی رہنما ہے
    Taqwa, and the verb and nouns connected with the root, signify: (1) the fear of God, which, according to the writer of Proverbs in the Old Testament, is the beginning of Wisdom; (2) restraint, or guarding one's tongue, hand, and heart from evil; hence righteousness, piety, good conduct. All these ideas are implied; in the translation, only one or other or these ideas can be indicated, according the context.
    Never explain urself to any1 The person who likes u doesn't need it &The person who dislike u won't believe it

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Quran (read, learn and teach)

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Purpose of this social group is to understand what is Qur'an? We'll post translation of one Ayat randomly, than we'll read that ayat with discussion of all its all aspects and how we all can benefit from it. Moreover to teach as well to others.
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