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    Y we are called as 3rd world country.

    OK tell me your comments on the subject..

    Y Pakistan is called as third world country, what they have extra and we dont have it ?
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    yahak isi ke pass itna time nahi ke Pakistan ko disscuss kia jaa sake.. hum ne apne mulk ko khaak bachana hai.. ho raha hi jo hone do phir ...
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      I think the reason Pakistan and much of Asia and Africa is considered a third-world is because of the ideological bloc it represents and is a part of.

      Two reason why it's called that:
      1: Geographical and Political reasons. Russia and China would be termed as First world (Russia was the first giant before USA became one), and from an ideological point of view, Russia and China/Korean Peninsula represented the World of Communism. USA became the superpower and represents the World of Capitalism, which is a totally different ideology build on free trade, etc.

      2: Cultural blocs. Europe and America are seen as being a part of one unique culture or set of values. China/Russia/Much of Far East are considered another different bloc which at one point or another shared/share some cultural or ideological values. Whereas most of South Asia/Middle East/Africa are bunched together as a Third World, representing a 3rd set of cultures, ideologies, etc.

      One other reason many countries around the world are called Third World countries is due to their developmental status. Under-developed countries are often termed Third World due to their modernity status in today's terms of Advancement.

      I hope that made sense.
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        yes you are right, ideology and everything is apart.

        development is a major part now, our country Pakistan has everything, machinery, man power, resources, finance, engineers, top construction cos. and all which is necessary for development programme but who will allow this to do.

        I m not taking side of any of our rulers, but in the reign of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif he has done alots of Pakistan, first of all, he tested the Neuclear which it self is a very big leap for Pakistan in regards to our Security and Armors.
        We are a neuclear power of the the world and the 1st neuclear islamic republic as well, Alhumdulilah we are proud of it, we have proven our metal in this world that we are not less than anyone in this world atleast, but still we are known as terrorist country, a country like UAE, who doesnt have her own trained army they have banned the visas for Paksitanis as they said we are afraid of what is going on in Pakistan must not come to us.

        Now this is pakistan, after a war in swat the outsiders won the game Russian ( kurds ) and some of extremist hindus have won this war, as they proved us as a terrorist state.

        what do you think, Y USA is not attacking us, USA is just afraid of our neuclear weapons now, thats it, and USA is afraid the if pakistan helped Iran or libya the Muslim community of the world will be much stronger than ever before, thats why they are doing all this kind of stuff. we are not in 3rd world country now, we are with them, we are stepping with them, but the diffrence is only the goverments, they have rules and regulations for running a govt till 5 years, but in our country all the rules and regulation are for the public not for the politicians or the rulers. haaah..

        and still they says we are doing our best this and that and all the rubbish, now people like zardari are our president what do you expect from him, we should pray for our country and our neuclear weapons may Allah keep them safe from wrong hands..Amen.
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          Well the thing with an all out war is that it makes clear to you who your friends are and how your foes are.

          If USA invades Pakistan in an all out war (i.e. Iraq/Afghanistan style), the few minds and rulers who still like to tow American line of interests and thinking will be left out in the dry and it will spell disasters for American policies for the region for the future.
          You have to remember USA is in the region (as most believe) to secure its' future supply of natural resources as it sees Middle East running dry (whether true or not is another story). I personally believe Americans fear that in the near future the monarchy that are in place in Middle East will be uprooted because most of the muslim world sees those leaders as puppets of West, and it is out of that fearful future and having to deal with a hostile leadership in countries that are Oil rich, that USA must secure natural resources from elsewhere well ahead in advance and have a backup.

          Pakistan represents and poses as a hurdle in the way of its moving forward because it serves as a block in the way of American ambitions towards containment of China, which in itself is a threat to American influence as a world power, and so far Sole Super power. There is no doubt that American think tanks are far-sighted and often plan for decades if not centuries and that is one of the reason America is where it is today because it has always kept its priorities straight no matter who may come to power. That is unfortunately not the case with Pakistan. In Pakistan priorities always seem to change with the new man in-charge, thus putting all the previous effort in a stall state. Just when the public starts to rise and demand a just system, and clearly defined Pro-Pakistan policies, the leadership is replaced (one way or another) by another that seems to be more progressive but in effect is worse than the one before, and the vicious cycle continues.

          When thinking of Pakistan in terms of today and the mess we're in, a part of it is indeed the fault of our leaders (recent past and present), but a huge part of the "game" lies in Ben Gurion's speech regarding Pakistan. If you haven't heard it/read it, i suggest you read it. It tells alot about what's in store for Pakistan and what we're seeing are previews.

          But God Willing Pakistan will still be standing when the dust settles but a lot of the players will be disappointed. I'm confident of that. It's just a matter of time that friends and foes become clear even to untrustworthy politicians, and policies will change. All of these factors have so far led to Pakistan being considered a "third world nation" despite it being rich of talent, resources, and the will to do anything. Leadership is as important as local support, and that missing factor has yet to arrive for Pakistan but we can hope it will come soon.
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            We are not the third world country, its the so called Countries who thinks themselves to be the 1st word country has this propaganda to make us look like third world country......
            We are the front runners
            Character is what you are when no one is watching.


              We are considered 3rd world country since the poeple like you only discuss and chat on the issues but dont do anything practical.
              There has been enough discussion, debates and dialogues. Lets do some practical for our country.
              Do whatever we can do at any level.
              Dont wait for the moments, just creat the windows and ways.
              Do solid things for the betterment of our beloved country.
              Time Is Always On The Move, We Have Just Begun»-
              -»You Can Be One Person In The World, However You Can Also Be A Whole World To A Person»-


                Mian sahab, ( Mr. Ysaghar ) aap kya ker rahe hain. bata de zara hume bhi pata lage ke kya practical aap ker rahe hain taake hum bhi aap ka saath de sake.

                hahahaha, i like the way you said, but you did the same thing... no diffrence..

                us ki waja pata kya hai we want good relations but we dont want to be a good human...

                this is the reason.

                agar aap ghor se dekhe to main ne ye question buhat soch aur samajh ke bad hi kia tha yaha disscussion ke liye. anywya her shakhs ka apna pan mental level hai.

                Dear Teggy, Can you tell me please how can i get Ben Gurion's speech about pakistan. I really want to see it what lies in it.
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