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Wanna go to Saudi

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    Wanna go to Saudi

    Im thinking about going to Saudi in January of next year. My friend is getting married there.
    I havn't done any research yet! I though of asking on GS first since we have so many smart helpers here. (makhanbazi)
    Can I go on visit visa or what? What airlines to take? How much it costs? I need to go to Jeddah.
    Aaany help would be appreciated cuz I am totally clueless about this :$

    Re: Wanna go to Saudi

    You can go on visit visa but it usually takes months to get one.
    Its easier to go for umrah & then go to Jeddah . Its just a one hour drive from Makkah.
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      Re: Wanna go to Saudi

      Hmm thanks...what about the airlines? Which to take n about how much it costs for umrah visa? anyone?


        Re: Wanna go to Saudi

        you can get all the info on their website for the country u reside in.. or visit the embassy or consulate in ure home town..

        prices vary.. depends on ure umrah package.. if u go wtih a group or alone.. if u do go with a group, they have become very very strict with letting ppl wander about on their own once in arabia so u gotta stay put with ure group meaning you probably wont be able to attend your friend's wedding.. if u decide to go without a group, then it ay be doable but u will still need a mehraam, u cant go alone unless it was a visit visa, in that case, it would have to be family of yours that resides in arabia and not just friends. but like someone said above, it tkaes a month or so for the visit visa process...

        i visited my folks this past summer and it took 2 mnths for them to approve my visa and a week for it to be processed.. and i ws a daughter visiting her father..

        so .. good luck
        airlines are the LEAST of your problems love.. first find out how u can get ure butt on the plane .. hehe..
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          Re: Wanna go to Saudi

          wow things used to be alot simpler a while ago... In 1995 we just decided on our way back to pakistan from the US to do an umrah, all we did was goto the Saudi embassy in DC and got saudi visas (the same day) and performed umrah on the way back...


            Saudia Airlines
            Qatar Airways
            British Airways

            All fly into Jeddah.. where u can drive to Makkah and it takes 40/45 mins.
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              Re: Wanna go to Saudi

              Well you should check with the nearest Saudi Embassy and get your Umrah visa and then just take any airline going through JEDDAH saudi arabia and it will be done... No need to get any Umrah package or any agent. Ppl do this all the time, if you are from GCC country, then you can simply fly or drive in ... ( GCC country means, Gulf Countries, Kuwait, bahrain,Oman,UAE and Gatar, my bad Qatar)