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Hoosai Park in Mardan, NWFP

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    Hoosai Park in Mardan, NWFP

    Spots: Hoosai Park means deer in Pushto language.

    It is also the name of a small village between Shahbaz Garha and Rustam about 15 miles from Mardan. It is beautiful because of surrounding mountains, trees and a small river. The land is agricultural and all sorts of fruit can be grown here. great part of the land is the property of Mr. Wali Mohammad Khan from Amazo Garhai. He used to keep a few birds and animals in the farm. One of his sons, Dr. Kamal Khan, got the idea of converting this into a big Park. In the beginning the park was for a family entertainment only but recently it has been opened up for general public. was initially named as "Marghozar Park". The people call it Kamal Khan Park. However because of the locality and the name of the village a more attractive name is Hoosai Park.

    Kamal khan was born on 1st April 1953 in Amazo Garhai which is a very historical town. This is about 6 miles from Mardan. He got an MBBS degree from Ayub medical college Abbott Abad.

    This park is about in 60 acres of land. It has a range of animals and birds including African Lion, Chimpanzees, dogs, fish, eagle, Peacocks, Ducks, Thai birds and many others. These animals walk around freely in natural environment.
    There is also a Guest House, Swimming Pool and a plan for a Hotel. According to the owner of the park he runs this project without any help from others. The government is not keen in the development of such projects for the entertainment of the people. He is disappointed with the response of the government and has decided to complete this project with his own resources.
    Kamal Khan has applied for lions to the government of South Africa but he is still awaiting permit and other formalities. Wild Life Department of the provincial government has offered him a lion but Kamal Khan has not taken this offer because the lion family is different from his own lion. And there is a risk that the lions may kill each other. The common local concept is that the lions may kill human beings but if treated properly they can develop understanding and become friendly.

    The people of the area are happy to have a natural park near by and hope the project will develop further in future.We encourage families and children to go for a day out, visit the park and enjoy themselves.

    Note: By Syed Yasir Ali Bacha

    Re: Hoosai Park in Mardan, NWFP

    its all good park is nice etc...

    but i was thinking of tons of skyscraper, buildings, 5 star hotels. would definately give a bost to the economy...
    Life became all Gray! But NOW i have decided to paint it all over again.

    I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat