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New airlines in Pak

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    New airlines in Pak

    Much needed increase in the number of airlines operating in Pakistan. Very important for economy as well as tourism.
    New ‘K2 Airways’ is all set to start operations in Pakistan

    A new airline, K2 Airways is all set to start operations in Pakistan, It is Karachi based new airline that will serve destinations all across Pakistan.

    These destinations include Chitral, Skardu, and Islamabad. Later on, the airline also plans to fly to international destinations in the near future.

    K2 Airways has signed up to use MRO and Flight Operations Software envision of Rusada in its fleet. The modules included are Fleet Management, Line Maintenance, Flight Operations, and Human Resources.

    “We are looking to be as streamlined as possible when it comes to our operations, so we wanted to adopt one all-inclusive solution rather than several. This being said, there will always be the need to integrate with some form of external system, and ENVISION’s modern architecture makes this simple and painless, allowing our team to focus on other things,” said Tariq Raja, CEO of K2 Airways.

    The K2 airways has also acquired Hitit Crane product suite, Hitit is a Passenger Service Solution providers in the field of airline and travel IT systems.

    Yes, I will love to see more world class Pakistani airlines but until the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) gets a major modernization, that will remain a distant dream. Since ordinary people do not deal with it directly so they do not understand the critical role CAA plays in harming the Pakistani aviation sector.

    If you want to start a new airline in the US, the process is much simpler. Needless to say that it requires lots of upfront investment to operate an airline. But in Pakistan it is almost impossible to start a new airline due to CAA’s rules and regulations alone that have nothing to do with safety. CAA’s open skies policy has hurt Pakistani aviation sector immensely as well. Two years back the cheapest ticket to 5 cities in Pakistan from New York was offered by Air China. I think foreign airlines should be restricted to Islamabad airport, otherwise no sustainable business model exists for a new Pakistani airline.

    Moreover, to understand the incompetence and clout of CAA, I would like to draw your attention to the recent rains in Karachi. The rain that broke 100 year records. Rain that crippled and flooded roads like never before, rains that left 75% of the city without power, rains that crippled cellular networks, etc. There was no taxi service, no Uber, no ambulance and no metro. Many died. Army was called in. But the CAA kept the Karachi airport open for departures without giving a damn about how passengers will reach the airport. And no one dares to question them.


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      Yes, we need far more. Its the need of time

    At this time we're limited to Serene Air, Airblue and PIA.
    Shaheen Air has folded/bankrupt a while ago eventhough they had quite alot of aircraft in their fleet.

    I agree that CAA needs complete overhaul. Their corruption and mismanagement has only brought shame onto the country and its aviation business.

    It's good news that Virgin UK plans to start UK to Pakistan service. British Airways already serving Islamabad daily from London Heathrow, alongwith Turkish, Etihad and Emirates and others

    Hopefully we can see other European carriers come to Islamabad, such as Lufthansa, KLM, etc.
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