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my antarctica pictures

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    my antarctica pictures

    Salam all guppies.

    Sharing some pictures I took on my trip to Antarctica the last 2 weeks.

    I can happily die now, I have been on all continents.




    my cabin

    First sights of the continent:



    On the zodiac boats:






      Now abandoned Whalers Bay, where humpback whales were slaughtered for their parts:


      More photos to follow.


        Yup..thats my brother...we r one crazy family.
        Nice pictures


          Originally posted by World Citizen:

          Is that a whale? wowzersss


            Just the pictures send a chill down my back! That tunnel in the iceberg looks absolutely amazing. How many days did you spend there? Nice pictures.


              Woah! Awesome pics. How about posting some more? (Preferabily of a place with warmer climate.) :-D

              BoSS, I didn't know World Citizen was your brother! (Or did I misread that?)
              said CareBear


                Femme Fatale, the pictures don’t even closely describe the feelings. All of us on the expedition (about 50) were like a family by the 12th (last) day. Being on the zodiacs surrounded by icebergs, being inches away from a whale, is actually more chilling in retrospect.

                CareBear, the Antarctic summer was not half as bad as a Toronto winter. The day we went to the Whalers Bay, the sun was out. We dug up some thermal volcanic water and some people took a ‘polar plunge’. Also, we had a BBQ on the boat deck one day.

                BoSS, here are more whale pictures foryou:


                There is no visa for Antarctica – this stamp was more for show


                  This is really interesting

                  What made u wanna go to antartica?,
                  how did u get there, where did u leave from?, and was expensive.

                  Hope u dont mind me asking.

                  Anyway thanks for sharing


                    Oh wow, thats truly original and amazing. Why did you go on this expedition? Wasn't it absolutely freezing?
                    A samurai bares no sign of weakness, even when dying of hunger.


                      You lucky devil you!




                        too is in one of my wishes to be there...


                          M, the expedition left from Ushuaia, Argentina – the southern most city in the world. I will open a separate thread on that part of South America. As for $$, I blew up my life savings on this, but it was worth every cent. I had wanted to go to Antarctica, ever since I went to Australia and NZ. That was my sixth continent.

                          Thanks Cat-woman. Though, one could see whales and penguins in South Africa too – but stepping on the continent was a awesome feeling – actually we got certificates for it. The temperature was tolerable – average zero celsius.

                          HSHTSA, indeed only a thousand or so lucky visitors get to visit Antarctica each year.

                          Thank you Daagh. I am reminiscing the journey every waking moment.


                            Here are a few more pictures:

                            Ruins at whalers bay





                              Whoaaaaaaa. These are just awesome pictures!! Hopefully iwill mange enough resources to make a trip there..

                              Kindly share the details regarding temprature, your routine there and etc etc. Thanks
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