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"I hope to die at Hajj"

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    "I hope to die at Hajj"

    I know a lot of people with this sentiment. They want to die right upon or during completion of Hajj. In hadith it states that one should not ask for their death to hasten. It will happen when its meant to. I was also thinking that if people are in this mindframe, they might accidently make a sudden move while at Hajj which will render what they did as suicide, and not a natural death.

    Why this sentiment? What do you think about it? Is it healthy?
    "O man! What has seduced thee from thy Lord Most Beneficent?" - Quran 82:6

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    Several years ago i had a science teacher whose two children (both of adult age) were returning from Hajj. Their plane crashed, killing all passengers onboard. i remember the way in which some individuals attempted to console her, by telling her that - Insha'Allah - her children would go to jannat (since technically they were returning from performing Hajj). Allah knows best.

    Regarding the sudden move that one might make during Hajj - i think if one is in the 'proper' state of mind during Hajj, one would try to avoid situations like that at all costs. Am i mistaken? It is meant to be such a spiritual experience; each and every act that one does should be undertaken with the niyat, or intention, of not hurting any other individual - whether in words (gossiping?), or deeds (for eg., elbowing or pushing someone). At least that is the way i would view it. Personally i would be more scared of doing something, while i am performing my Hajj, that would cause physical harm to someone else.

    um i am not certain whether that directly answers the questions raised... i apologize if it doesn't:~/


      Does it guarantee a direct entry in Jannah?


        Thing I don't understand is why?

        God gave you breath! Breath.
        Why would one want to take ones own life?
        The life that God granted?

        Seems to me..immoral idea.

        Love God with all your heart and all your soul..and love your neighbor as you would yourself.

        Think about that.


          ...No one has been forced to believe Islam...But if you are a Muslim, you have to sacrifice your feelings for the lesson taught by Allah (SWT)...Because Allah (SWT) knows best knows best...You can either believe in it or's upto to you...As for dying while in a state of Ehram, Scholars say, is one of the best States to die in and the Hajj is the best Time to die in and the Hijaz is the best places to die in and Allah (SWT) knows best...
          Focus not on who you are but what you do...


            I havent read or heard anything like that and its not a part of Islam.. ironically people from sub-continent go for Hajj when they think they have done everything in life and in majority of cases go fot Hajj when they are very old compared to countries like Indonesia where its encouraged to go for Hajj at early age when they are strong.. Hajj should be performed when one is young and strong ..
            Saints are fine for Heaven, but they are hell on earth.


              Some guy jumped out of his hotel window this Hajj thinking hed go to Heaven. Sadly he forgot suicide is a one way trip to Hell.


                Perhaps such wishes, "to die after Hajj', are laced with a sort of fear of having to live life further and stay away from sins and keep one's guard, lest they 'undo' the pious act of pilgrimage that they have performed through hard work.

                Life is mankind's gift from God and will be taken away when destined, to purposely yearn for death would be wanting to destroy or alter God's plan. As with anything and everything in life, what counts is the niyyah (intention) behind every action. If a person sees the Hajj as some sort of anti-virus program that'll fix all the "bad" viruses, and upon completion, wish to shut down the computer so that it never gets affected again; then it probably doesn't come across exclusively as a journey that they might have wanted to make to connect to The Creator. Rather it appears as if a last-ditch investment to save oneself from bakruptcy and then close up shop.

                Other reasons for a person with such wishes is that they are in old age, at which point they have probably 'lived' the major years of their life.

                Humans will always tend to eradicate their fears, so these wishes are understandable. But from an Islamic perspective, one should live their life always striving to be at their best as a person at any and every point of their lives, and when the time comes, be prepared for the eternal life that is to come.

                Indeed, Allah knows best.


                  I disagree that Hajj is the best time to die. Although..I donít deny, it does have its virtue but I was told that the greatest death is the death of a Martyr.


                    You cant really restrict someone not to "wish" for a particular thing, which is quite different from "to act" for that wish.

                    I would say, there is no harm in wishing to die for Allah...but to create such circumstances (or be part of the plan for your own death) is definitely not desirable (and this is surely a suicide).


                      death at Hajj


                      inshallah, we should all hope to die in the best state of eeman. however, we shouldn't wish for death at any given moment, whether we are at Hajj or any other condition.

                      Allah knows


                        To perform Hajj is one of the biggest blessing a muslim can ever achieve. It is a hadith of the prophet which all of u must be aware of that says that whoever completes hajj with full devotion to Allah wil return bak as a new born baby. however asking for death on this holy occasion is by all means wrong. however one who does die during the travel or during performing hajj he shall be considered shaheed and will go to jannah. this is what i know. Allah knows better
                        un ki gali say guzray .. ajab itifaak tha
                        phool unhoon nay phainka .. gamla bhi saath tha