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Divorcing wives instantly by saying "talaaq" thrice..

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    Divorcing wives instantly by saying "talaaq" thrice..

    As we knew a man can just say three times "talaaq" and the divorce gets in effect.

    But yesterday, Indian Supreme court in a historic decision has overturned this power of men they had possessed culturally or religiously.

    What does Islam exactly say about that? What about other religions?

    NEW DELHI — India’s highest court struck down a legal provision on Tuesday that allowed Muslim men to instantly divorce their wives, taking a stand against a practice increasingly deemed unacceptable in the Muslim world.
    In India, Muslim men have been able to end their marriages by saying the word “talaq” — Arabic for “divorce” — three times. They could do this in person, by letter or even over the phone. By contrast, a Muslim woman in India seeking a divorce must generally gain the permission of her husband, a cleric or other Islamic authorities.
    The method of divorce was available only to men, who in many cases ousted their wives from their homes without alimony or other financial support. The practice is frowned on by many Muslims worldwide, and the case was being closely watched in India.
    On Tuesday, by a 3-to-2 vote, a Supreme Court panel declared unlawful the provision that had allowed for Muslims’ instant divorce. Of those who voted against, two said the practice was unconstitutional and one said it went against Islamic law.
    One of the dissenters was a Muslim judge; the other was the court’s chief justice, who urged Parliament to come up with a new provision.
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    Re: Divorcing wives instantly by saying "talaaq" thrice..

    In Pakistan the triple talaq had already been declared unlawful quite a while ago.
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      Re: Divorcing wives instantly by saying "talaaq" thrice..

      A divorce is effective with a single mention of talaq (or even divorce for that matter). Unlike what some people portray it as, it is forbidden to give three in the same sitting -- though giving them at that time will still nullify the nikah. The other thing is that divorcing a woman doesn't, in most cases, get the man off the hook when it comes to her maintenance. He will remain responsible for supporting her financially and with respect to clothing, food and shelter for the duration of her iddah.

      The triple talaq only eliminates the immediate possibility of them getting back together but doesn't get the man off the hook in terms of fulfilling his responsibilities towards the woman.

      Now in terms of what Islam would say about the triple talaq not being honored -- Islamically they would be divorced. So their living together as husband and wife would not be lawful. If they really wanted to do something to make the man more accountable, it could have been something as simple as keeping him on the hook for providing for the woman, either indefinitely or some stipulated amount of time afterwards.
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