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Please Note: A Reminder For Participants

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    Please Note: A Reminder For Participants

    Just to remind certain participants that the forum is exactly what it states, a 'Religion' forum.

    There are some members who treat the place as a farce to fulfil their comical fantasies or an arena for amusement. We are not running a circus here, where every act can be displayed in a coliseum of dramatics. The jokes and theatricals can be taken to their appropriate forums.

    Furthermore, we will not allow the bashing and ridiculing of people’s beliefs. Such impertinence and mockery shall not be tolerated. Those participants who cannot address other members in an orderly and respectable fashion ought to refrain from posting until they can contribute more maturely.

    Please keep the forums as friendly and respectable as possible.

    Thank you.



      Following a recent thread that was removed, it is abvious one or two of you missed this.

      So read it carefully!


        dear sentinel, pls be honest and tell us that nothing will be tolerated against islamic beleif.

        many a time so much abusive language is used against other religions, especially against idolator faiths, we do not see any movements of moderators.

        am i wrong?


          Nothing will be tolerated against Islamic belief


            Allow me to remind you that these forums are not manned 24 hours a day. Some may find it difficult to believe that Sentinel is anything other than a cyborg, but the moderators are only human; it is possible that we overlook certain posts.

            As I have already stated, regardless of what the religion, disrespecting another shall not be tolerated.

            However, allow me to further remind you that this is a Pakistani site, and by definition it supports the purpose of the very existence of Pakistan, which is to promote: There is no deity worthy of worship except Allah.

            While in Rome, be as the Romans, but if you cannot then at the very least respect them.