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Value of Namaaz-e-Jummah in Arabic culture..

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    Value of Namaaz-e-Jummah in Arabic culture..

    In Pakistan almost all muslims dun leave Namaz-e-Jumma, if its Jumma then all the ppls stop their work and perform salah in nearest mosques...and i used to heard that if a men continuously leave 3 Jummah prayers he will have to recite Laa ilaha ilula hu muhammad ur rasoolullah.. means he was no longer a muslim....(sorry folks if u havnt heard this but i did.)

    so my question is why ppls dun perform Namaaaz in here( i know most of u do.. but i m tlaking about those who dun)... cuz some of my brothers friends they havent perform any Jumma prayers for 4 yrs of their college... why is that.. cant you leave a single class on friday.. cant you ppls make different schudule so that you will have time to perform Namaam-e-jumma..

    why ppls dun give much values to jumma when they come out of pakistan..

    one of my friend he works on a big Arabic grocery story.. the arabic manager and the owner.. dun keep bears lottery in their stores just becuse it is unislamic..

    i used to thought that they will shut their store for 1 or 2 hours and go to mosuqe and perform Jummah salah.. but they dun do that... they are like.. namaaz-e-jummah is just like regular zuhur ki namaaz.. and they dun really give much value.. so my friend he is a good muslims though he ask for 1 hr leave from job so that he will perform Namaaz... but they didnt allow him to do that..

    I am very sad about this... so he does... and now he is like... majboori main namaaz chor saktay ho.. but how long.. if u r continuously working on the same store with same schedule you will never gonna be able to perform that salah which is the most important salah...

    Isnt sad.....what do think about it..
    and is thr anyone who actually leave their classes just to perform the namaaaz???
    cuz my brother does....

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    First of all, Iíve also heard that a Muslim man shouldnít miss his Namaz-e-Jumma continuously three times, but havenít heard that if he misses it he doesnít remain a Muslim anymore. Something, Iíll try and find out. Secondaly, hon times changes and I donít think Namaz-e-Jumma is of much importance anymore, as much as use to be anyway. Because I know people back home who donít give it that much importance, but I think people do try and make an effort to go to the Mosque on Fridays. Iím just saying this, because since the last time I was in Pakistan, that country has changed a lot, but thatís a totally different topic.

    As far as my knowledge about the arabic culture, due to my friend, their family does gives importance to Namaz-e- Jumma, as she is talks about being punctual for Friday prayers. Maybe, those particular shop owner doesnít give importance to the Friday prayer, which shouldnít mean that we can make an general assumption about the whole culture.

    And on the question of why people donít give importance to Jumma prayer when they settle abroad, maybe because they are at work and they canít take time of, or are unable to take time off college/university. As you said, there are so many ďmajboorisĒ that people are unable to perform namaz. It might be that they feel less obligated, now that they are in a Non-muslim country. I think you would have to ask people who donít go to get the right answer.

    Qamar hai Chand auroN ka hamara Chand Quran hai

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      me busy rigth nwo iw ill reply u later about ut posts..
      but just a thought that i should share.. ke namaaz koi si bhi ho.. kisi bhi halat main maaf nahi.... if this goes with regular namaaaz then jummay ki namaaaz would be more important...

      u talk about the classes and jobs.... okok sometimes if u miss the namaaz becuase of class/job its fine.. but how can u even afford to miss all the time..

      i went to pakistan last yr and i dun htink anything has changed thr..may be in some areas things migth have changed but now everywhr... i havent seen any one if my family or ppsl in my areas or some others areams miss any jumma prayers diliberately...