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Is Witr Fard?

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    Is Witr Fard?

    I follow Hanafi Madhab for prayer and i am not sure whether it is Fard to pray Witr.
    Some have mentioned it is Fard because it is Fard becuase it is Wajib and both are the same but i have also heard that Imam Abu Hanifa had a number of different versions of wajib and if one were to miss witr it would not make them sinful.
    I was hoping someone with knowledge of Hanafi fiqh can clear this up.
    Jazak Allah Khayre

    I found this answer according to Hanafi madhab. BTW, I am Shafie so donít go and ask me to elaborate more ..okay?

    Sheikh Ashraf Ali Tahanawi in his book :


    1. Witr prayer is wajib. The status of wajib is very close to that of fard. To leave out a wajib is a major sin. If a wajib is missed out, one should make qada of it as soon as possible.

    2. Witr prayer comprises of three rakaats. After offering two rakaats, one should sit down and read the at-tahiyyaat. The durood should not be read. Instead, one should immediately stand up after the at-tahiyyaat. One should then read the Surah Faatihah and another Surah. Thereafter, one should say Allahu Akbar and raise oneís hands upto oneís ears (and upto the shoulders if it is a woman). The hands should be clasped again, and thereafter, the dua-e-qunoot should be recited. Thereafer, he should go into ruku, complete the third rakaat, sit down for at-tahiyyaat, durood, and a dua and then make the salaam.

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      As-Salaam-O-Alaikum brothers :
      With all due respect, the word Witr in arabic means "odd", i.e., 1,3... So its not set in stone that we need to pray 3 all the time. For example, you wake up 10 minutes before fajr, you can offer 2 rakats for tahajjud and(if you hav'nt offered witr) if time is running out, you can make 1 rakat for witr. Although offering 3 rakats for witr is the norm, it certainly is not a hard and fast rule.

      JazakAllah Khairun

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