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Eye for an eye justice goes on.

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    Eye for an eye justice goes on.

    Here is a court dispensing justice in Iran. It is hard for me to believe that the woman just opened a window and threw acid at a passerby!

    Woman who blinded man sentenced to be blinded
    Wednesday, July 24, 2002 - 2002
    TEHRAN, July 24 (AFP) - A court in southwest Iran condemned a young woman to be blinded after she blinded a man who was harassing her by throwing acid at him, a government newspaper reported Wednesday.

    Azam, 21, a resident of Behbahan village in Khuzestan province told the court that Abol Ali, 37, would come and "harass" her at night while her husband was away at work, the Iran newspaper reported.

    "One night, he threatened me with a firearm, and said he would climb over the wall if I did not open the door.

    "I remembered I had some ... acid in the kitchen to unblock sinks. So I opened the window and threw it at his face," Azam was quoted as saying during her trial.

    Ali, now blind, gave a different account.

    "This woman is wrong, I wanted only to warn her about something. As I went by her house, she opened the window, called me, and threw something at my face and chest. After that, I remember nothing," he explained.

    The judge ruled Tuesday that Ali had only "words, not actions" to be blamed for, and said Azam "was not in a situation of self-defense, and should not have taken justice into her own hands."

    He sentenced her "to be made blind in public", but Azam has appealed the verdict.

    Iran's civil and criminal law adheres to the Islamic "eye-for-an-eye" principle, with the punishment matching the crime, in force since the 1979 Islamic revolution.