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    Books of Harun Yahya

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    Books on Science & Faith

    Allah is Known Through Reason
    The plan, design, and delicate balance existing in our bodies and reaching into even the remotest corners of the incredibly vast universe must surely have a superior Creator. Man is unable to see his Creator yet he can nevertheless grasp His existence, strength, and wisdom by means of his intellect. This book is a summons to think. A summons to ponder over the universe and living beings and see how they have been created flawlessly 224 pages with 102 pictures in color, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    Allah's Artistry in Colour
    Colours, patterns, spots even lines if each living being existing in nature have a meaning. For some species, colours serve as a communication tool; for others, they are a warning against enemies. An attentive eye would immediately recognise that the colours of living beings are created just as they should be. Furthermore, he would realise that everything is given to the service of man: the blue sky, the colourful flowers, the bright green trees and meadows, together with innumerable beauties surrounding man. 160 pages with 215 pictures in color, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    The Design in Nature
    Darwin said: "If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down." When you read this book, you will see that Darwin's theory has absolutely broken down, just as he feared it would. 208 pages with 302 pictures in color, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    The Miracle in the Ant
    The evidence of God's creation is present everywhere in the universe. A person comes across many of these proofs in the course of his daily life; yet if he does not think deeply, he may wrongly consider them to be trivial details. In fact in every creature there are great mysteries to be pondered. These millimeter-sized animals that we frequently come across but don't care much about have an excellent ability for organization and specialization that is not to be matched by any other being on earth. These aspects of ants create in one a great admiration for God's superior power and unmatched creation. 165 pages with 104 pictures in color, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    The Miracle in the Spider
    This is not a biological treatise on the tiny creature called a spider. It is indeed about the spider but the reality it reveals and the message it gives is much more significant. Just as a tiny key opens a huge door, this book will open new horizons for its readers. And the reality behind that door is the most important reality that one can come across in one's lifetime. Relating the amazing and admirable features of spiders known by few people and asking the questions of "how" and "why" in the process, this book reveals the excellence and perfection inherent in God's creation. 92 pages with 102 pictures in color, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    For Men of Understanding
    One of the purposes why the Qur'an was revealed is to summon people to think about creation and its works. When a person examines his own body or any other living thing in nature, the world or the whole universe, in it he sees a great design, art, plan and intelligence. All this is evidence proving God's being, unit, and eternal power. For Men of Understanding was written to make the reader see and realise some of the evidence of creation in nature. Many living miracles are revealed in the book with hundreds of pictures and brief explanations. 288 pages with 467 pictures in color, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    The Miracle of the Immune System
    When the events of "sickness" and "recovering" take place, our bodies become a battleground in of a bitter struggle. Microbes intrude into our body and reproduce rapidly. The body, however, has a mechanism that combats them. Known as the "immune system", this mechanism is the most disciplined, complex and successful army of the world. This system proves that the human body is the outcome of a unique design. In other words, the human body is an evidence of the flawless creation of God. 152 pages with 125 pictures in colour, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    The Secrets of DNA
    The progress of science makes it clear that living beings have an extremely complex structure and an order too perfect to have come into being by coincidence. This is evidence to the fact that living beings are created by an All-Powerful Creator with superior knowledge. Recently, for instance, the Human Genome Project unraveled the evidence for intelligent design in the human genes. In this book, the evidence for the creation has once more been disclosed for all to see. 64 pages with 48 pictures in colour, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    Eternity Has Already Begun
    In this book you will find explanations about eternity, timelessness and spacelessness that you will never have encountered anywhere else and you will be confronted by the reality that eternity has already begun. The real answers to many questions people always ponder such as where God is, the true nature of death, resurrection after death, the existence of an eternal life, and the time when all these things will happen are to be found here... 128 pages with 34 pictures in colour, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    Timelessness And the Reality of Fate
    How was matter and time created from nothingness?What does the Big Bang theory signify about the creation of the universe?
    How can a time slice of centuries in our view be a single "moment" in another dimension? What is the parallelism between Einstein's Theory of Relativity and the Qur'anic verses?
    All of these questions are answered in this book where it is described that time and matter are not absolute truths but mere perceptions. If you want to learn the truths about space, matter, time and fate, read this book. 98 pages with 60 pictures in colour, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    Perished Nations
    Throughout history, many societies have suffered from great catastrophes because of their blasphemy and perversion against God. Some were destroyed some by a volcanic eruption, some by a disastrous flood, and some by a sand storm...
    Perished Nations examines these penalties as revealed in the verses of the Quran and in light of archaeological discoveries.You may also read Quranic description of Noah`s flood and the Ark and the correspondence of this account with the scientific evidence. 149 pages with 73 pictures in colour, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    The Creation of the Universe
    The materialist philosophy proposes that the universe is an uncontrolled heap of matter that existed since eternity. Modern discoveries, however, entirely refuted this materialist claim.
    Today, science has proven that the universe was created from nothingness with a Big Bang. Moreover, all physical balances of the universe are designed to support human life. From the nuclear reactions in stars to the chemical properties of atoms, everything is created in a great harmony. This is the exalted and flawless creation of God, the Lord of All the Worlds. 192 pages with 91 pictures in colour, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    The Miracle in the Atom
    In a body that is made up of atoms, you breathe in air, eat food, and drink liquids that are all composed of atoms. Everything you see is nothing but the result of the collision of electrons of atoms with photons.
    In this book, the implausibility of the spontaneous formation of an atom, the building-block of everything, living or non-living, is related and the flawless nature of God's creation is demonstrated. 139 pages with 122 pictures in colour, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    The Other Name for Illusion:MATTER
    What is explained in this book is an important truth, which has surprised many and changed their perspectives on life. This truth can be summarized as follows: "All events and objects that we encounter in real life-buildings, people, cities, cars, places-in fact, everything we see, hold, touch, smell, taste and hear-come into existence as visions and feelings in our brains".
    We are taught to think that these images and feelings are caused by a solid world outside of our brains, where material things exist. However, in reality we never see real existing materials and we never touch real materials. In other words, every material entity which we believe exists in our lives, is, in fact, only a vision which is created in our brains. 280 pages with 172 pictures in colour, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution
    This book deals with how the theory of evolution is invalidated by scientific findings and experiments in a concise and simple language. FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    The Evolution Deceit
    Recent developments in science completely disprove the theory of evolution. The only reason Darwinism is still foisted on people by means of a worldwide propaganda campaign lies in the ideological aspects of the theory.
    This book clarifies the scientific collapse of the theory of evolution for the lay man. It reveals the frauds and distortions committed by evolutionists to "prove" evolution. Anyone who wants to learn about the origin of living things, including mankind, needs to read this book. 238 pages with 166 pictures in colour, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity
    Fascism and communism, which made humanity suffer dark times, are considered to be opposed ideas. However, these ideologies are fed from the same source, on the grounds of which they can attract masses to their side. This source is the materialist philosophy and its adaptation to nature, which is Darwin's theory of evolution. The acknowledgement of the scientific invalidity of this theory that serves as a basis for cruel dictators and vicious ideological trends will bring about the end of all these detrimental ideologies. 192 pages with 211 pictures in colour, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    Tell Me About The Creation
    Darwin's theory of evolution maintained that all living beings emerged as a result of chance and thus denied Creation. Yet the forthcoming evidence was proved to be otherwise. Different branches of science like biochemistry, genetics, and palaeontology have demonstrated that the claims that life originated as a result of "coincidences" is deceptive. This is a book you will read with pleasure... It has brief explanations about the scientific collapse of Darwinism with a rich visual touch.
    192 pages with 211 pictures in colour, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    Miracles of the Qur'an
    The unprecedented style and the superior wisdom inherent in the Qur'an is conclusive evidence confirming that it is the Word of God. Apart from this, there are a number of miracles verifying its Divine nature, one of them being that, 1,400 years ago, it declared a number of scientific facts that have only been established thanks to the technological breakthroughs of the 20th century. In this book, in addition to the scientific miracles of the Qur'an, you will also find messages regarding history and mathematics. 120 pages with 73 pictures in colour, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    The Qur'an Leads the Way to Science
    The way to examine the universe and all the beings there in and to discover God's art of creation and announce it to humanity is "science". Therefore, religion adopts science as a way to reach the details of God's creation and therefore encourages science. Just as religion encourages scientific research, so does scientific research that is guided by the facts communicated by religion yield very rapid and definite results. This is because religion is the unique source that provides the most correct and definite answer to the question of how the universe and life came into being. 200 pages with 228 pictures in color, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    Books on Faith & Wisdom
    Ever Thought About The Truth?
    The most serious mistake a man makes is not pondering. It is not possible to find the truth unless one thinks about basic questions such as "How and why am I here?", "Who created me?", or "Where am I going?." Failing to do so, one becomes trapped in the vicious circle of daily life and turns into a selfish creature caring only for himself. Ever Thought About the Truth? summons people to think on such basic questions and to discover the real meaning of life. 148 pages with, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    The Alliance of The Good
    This book is a summons to those who want goodness to prevail: it calls on them to do goodness and to form an alliance with other good people like themselves. FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    Death Resurrection Hell
    One of the principal deceptions that impels people into delinquency and makes them pursue their own desires is their heedlessness of death. Both human beings and the universe they live in are mortal. What awaits the disbelievers in the next world is more dreadful: the eternal wrath of hell. This book, based on the verses of the Qur'an, makes a detailed depiction of the moment of death, the day of judgement, and the penalties in hell, and it sounds a warning about the great danger facing us. Death Resurrection Hell is also available in Polish. FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    The Existence of God
    Incredibly complex structures of the living beings which were thought to be unsophisticated by Darwin… Perfect design examples in living bodies from human body to plants, from insects to birds. This book demonstrates the evident signs of creation with an explicit narration. FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    The Complete Works of Harun Yahya
    The first part of this booklet, which includes summaries of all the works of Harun Yahya, is made up of striking passages highlighting the basic ideas in Harun Yahya's works on various topics. In this part, you will witness the sincere style of the author, based on the Qur'an. Anyone who reads these books seriously and carefully will soon gain a deep insight into the true nature of the world he lives in. FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    The Basic Concepts In The Qur' An
    The Qur'an has been revealed to us so that we may read and ponder. Basic concepts in the Qur'an is a useful resource prepared as a guide to thinking. Some basic Islamic concepts like the soul, conscience, wisdom, loyalty, submission to God, brotherhood, modesty, prayer, patience, ascribing partners to God are discussed in the light of Qur'anic verses.
    184 pages with, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    Crude Understanding Of Disbelief
    God, in the Qur'an, calls the culture of people who are not subject to the religion of God "ignorance." Only a comparison of this culture with the honourable thoughts and moral structure of the Qur'an can reveal its primitive and corrupted nature. The purpose of this book is to take this comparison further, displaying the extent of the "primitive rationale" of ignorant societies. 167 pages with, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    The Moral Values Of The Qur' An
    A study that examines and seeks to remind us of the basic moral principles of the Qur'an, particularly those that are most likely to be forgotten or neglected at times. 74 pages with, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    Some Secrets of the Qur'an
    In the Qur'an, God tells people many secrets besides acts of worship and codes of good morals. The only source of these secrets, which are beyond the reach of even the most educated, intelligent, investigative or observant person in the world, is the Qur'an.
    For those who learn these secrets of the Qur'an, the life of this world is very easy, and full of joy and excitement. This book deals with the subjects related to those verses God related to people as a secret.
    160 pages with, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    Solution: The Values of the Qur'an
    People who are oppressed, who are tortured to death, innocent babies, those who cannot afford even a loaf of bread, who must sleep in tents or even in streets in cold weather, those who are massacred just because they belong to a certain tribe, women, children, and old people who are expelled from their homes because of their religion... Eventually, there is only one solution to the injustice, chaos, terror, massacres, hunger, poverty, and oppression: the morals of the Qur'an. 208 pages with 276 pictures in color, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    The Importance Of Conscience In The Qur'an
    In the Qur'an, conscience has a meaning and importance beyond its common and everyday use. This book introduces the real concept of conscience that is related in the Qur'an and draws our attention to the kind of understanding, thought, and wisdom that a truly conscientious person has. This book will make you recognise the voice of your conscience and accordingly help you to differentiate it from other sources of inspiration. 120 pages with, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    Before You Regret
    The purpose of this book is to warn people against the day on which they will say "If only we did not rebel against God. If only we listened to the messengers…" and therefore feel deep regret. This is a summons to live for the cause of God when there is still time. 86 pages with, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    Quick Grasp Of Faith -I
    There are questions about religion that people seek answers to and hope to be enlightened in the best way. However in most cases, people base their opinions on hearsay rather than acquiring them from the real source of religion: the Qur'an. In these booklets, you will find the most accurate answers to all the questions you seek answers for and learn your responsibilities towards your Creator. 94 pages with, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    Never Plead Ignorance
    Never plead ignorance of God's evident existence, that everything was created by God, that everything you own was given to you by God for your subsistence, that you will not stay so long in this world, of the reality of death, that the Qur'an is the Book of truth, that you will give account for your deeds, of the voice of your conscience that always invites you to righteousness, of the existence of the hereafter and the day of account, that hell is the eternal home of severe punishment, and of the reality of fate.
    112 pages with 74 pictures in colour, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    Deep Thinking
    Have you ever thought that you were non-existent before you were born and suddenly appeared on Earth? Have you ever thought that the peel of a banana, melon, watermelon or an orange each serve as a quality package preserving the fruit's odour and taste?
    Man is a being to which God has granted the faculty of thinking. Yet a majority of people fail to employ this faculty as they should… The purpose of this book is to summon people to think in the way they should and to guide them in their efforts to think. 128 pages with 137 pictures in colour, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    Knowing the Truth
    "Everything that constitutes our life is a totality of perceptions received by our soul. The things, people, places and events that make our world and our lives meaningful are like a dream; we perceive them only as images in our brain, and have nothing to do with their truth or reality…"
    In the book, which consists of a conversation between four people, the prejudices that prevent people from understanding this great truth are removed, and the misconceptions they have are explained. 128 pages with 87 pictures in colour, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    The Truth of the Life of this World
    Forgetting that death is likely to put an end to this life at any time, man simply believes that he can enjoy a perfect and happy life. Yet he evidently deceives himself. The world is a temporary place specially created by God to test man. That is why, it is inherently flawed and far from satisfying man's endless needs and desires. Each and every attraction existing in the world eventually wears out, becomes corrupt, decays and finally disappears. This is the never-changing reality of life. 224 pages with 144 pictures in colour, FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    Jesus Will Return
    In the Qur'an, there is an explicit reference to the "second coming of the Jesus to the world" which is heralded in a hadith. The realization of some information revealed in the Qur'an about Jesus can only be possible by Jesus' second coming… His return will be a great turning point in history, an act will unite all the believers in God, will give an end to all the pains and turmoil of disbelief and will bring peace and happiness to mankind. 95 pages with , FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    Islam Denounces Terrorism
    Terrorism is a crime against humanity. It is a brutal attack on innocent people. Islam is a religion that means "peace". In the Koran, the Holy Book of Islam, God commands believers to bring peace and security to the world. Terrorism and all other mischief on Earth are the very acts that Muslims are commanded by God to stand against. The Islamic morality is the cure for terrorism, not the source of it. Those who resort to or support terrorism in the name of Islam are in a great error. They are committing a crime which God has cursed in the Koran. All true Muslims denounce terrorism of any kind, and share the sorrows of its victims. 175 pages with 124 pictures in colour , FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    How Do the Unwise Interpret the Qur'an?
    A sincere, conscientious person can understand and apply the basic spiritual subjects and commandments in the Qur'an with ease. However, a non-believer who is insincere and prejudiced, will be unable to comprehend the Qur'an correctly since he follows his baser self. That is why he lacks the ability to reason. This book discusses the reasons why such unperceptive people misinterpret the Qur'an, studies various examples of their illogical comments and objections to the Qur'anic verses and responds to them. 89 pages with , FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    Fascism The Bloody Ideology of Darwinism
    Fascism is an ideology that has brought great disasters to humanity. Not only has it caused millions of people to be killed and tortured simply because of their race, but it has also attempted to abolish all human values. The main purpose of the book is to present various fascist tendencies which appear under different methods and guises, and expose their real origins and objectives. The book also attempts to tear down the mask of fascism, and reveal that fascism is definitely an anti-religionist system.. FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    The Miracle of Creation in Plants
    The purpose of this book is to display the miraculous features of plants and hence to make people see "the creation miracle" in things they often encounter in the flow of their daily lives and sidestep. Reading and understanding this book will be an important step in coming to an understanding of one's Creator. FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    Basic Tenets of Islam
    Everyone has some knowledge and convictions about Islam. However, the majority of these convictions have their origins in inadequate or incorrect sources. Actually, what one has to do to know Islam is to study the Qur'an, which comprises the origin and basis of Islam. Based on the information conveyed in the Qur'an, this book gives an account of God's attributes, our purpose in this world, what we have to do to fulfill this purpose. FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    The Prophet Musa (AS)
    Moses is the prophet whose life is most narrated in the Qur'an. The Qur'an provides a very detailed account of his struggle with Pharaoh, the unfavourable conduct of his people and the way the Prophet Moses summoned them to the way of God. This book provides a thorough examination into the life of the Prophet Moses in the light of the Qur'anic verses. FULL TEXT AVAILABLE

    Romanticism: A Weapon of Satan
    In societies distant from religion, right is often presented as wrong, and vice versa. Unbecoming behaviour which will not please God may be favoured and encouraged. Romanticism is one of those wrong sentiments which is assumed to be "right". This book reveals what a serious threat romanticism - which is imagined to be a simple character trait -poses to societies and individuals, and shows how easy it is to eliminate this danger. FULL TEXT AVAILABLE