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What made them adopt Islam

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    What made them adopt Islam

    Throughout history there are innumerable instances of great and imminent men and women who attained this truth, understood the greatness of Islam and discovered that it is their responsibility in life and the sole path leading to happiness, and so they embraced it. Since they are respected personalities in our age, let's look at what they say about their conversion:

    The renowned French professor and thinker Roger Garoudi who was a leftist tells us in a few lines of the greatness of Islam and the secret behind the transformation in his life:

    "Only in following Islam can the world find a way out of its crisis. Islam holds the key to reform. It has two important attributes: sublimation and the spirit of the group."

    "The Qur'an teaches us to find in any occurrence, and in everything a sign of Allah and a symbol of a higher existence moving us, nature and society. The main goal of religion is the achievement of harmony and unity which issues from Allah and returns to Him. His will to achieve the Will of Allah is what grants man his humanity.

    "The West is now much in need of Islam more than at any other time. Islam can give life a meaning and history a sense. It can alter the West's method of separating science from wisdom, thinking from the means, and thinking from the results. Islam never erects a wall between science and faith. On the contrary, it ties them together as being an inseparable whole...

    "Islam calls man to search and seek the final end and his fate. In our western societies, split apart by individuality, Islam can revive the hope in our world which is heading toward suicide."

    Professor Haroon Mustapha Lion, the general secretary of the World Association of the Science of the Origin of Languages, Sciences and Fine Arts, and the editor-in-chief of the London-based scientific magazine "Philomat", says:

    "One of the traits of Islam is that it is based on mental aptitude. It does not call its followers to kill their intellectual abilities. Its position regarding thought runs counter to other doctrines which coerce their followers to blindly believing in ideologies and certain opinions."

    Marshila Michelangelo, an Italian lady who embraced Islam says:

    "I have found intellect and logic in Islam. I cam to find the Muslims believing in Allah and His Apostle who is a human being like them, but among them. He was the one chosen to convey the message of faith to mankind, and recite to them Allah's Book which is their life's constitution, and which manages their affairs so that they can live plainly and happily, cooperating with one another, without false appearances."

    Haj Dr. Abdul-Karim Satio, a Japanese professor of economics who teaches in one of the Japanese universities declared:

    "In Islam the proofs of the existence of Allah are plain and clear and are taken from the depths of life. This indicates the truth. Allah is the truth. This truth, the target of the whole of mankind, is with the Muslims. If it is made available, all mankind will enter the religion of Allah in groups."

    Dr. Grenier, a French national who worked for the French Council of Representatives, said:

    "I have studied all the Qur'anic verses in relations to medical, health and natural sciences which I knew from childhood very well. I have found that these verses are perfection in harmony with our modern knowledge. Because I became sure that Muhammad had conveyed the clear truth more than 1,000 years ago, before being taught by any human being, I contentedly embraced Islam. Should any artist or any scientist study closely the Qur'anic verses in comparison to what he himself has learned, as I had done, he would embrace Islam if he is sane and unbiased."

    Alfonse Etienne Denier (1861-1929), the artist who embraced Islam and chose the Islamic name of Nasiruddin, said:

    "The religion of Allah is one. Islam came to corroborate the previous divine messages and correct the distortions which had befallen them at the hands of the priests. The Holy Qur'an is now the only divine book which has not been distorted and will never be distorted or tampered with. Allah has promised to keep it intact as He is its guardian."

    Leopold Weiss (Muhammad Asad) the well-known Austrian writer-journalist says:

    "Today I cannot say what aspects of Islam appealed to me more than others. Islam is, as appears to me, a perfect construction. All its parts are made to complete each other and to connect with each other. There is nothing untoward in it. There is no fault in any part of it. The result is inevitably a balanced, compact whole. It is perhaps this feeling that all the teachings and religious duties are perfectly positioned which is the strongest attraction as I perceive it."

    Lord Douglas Hamilton, an English millionaire, who embraced Islam and changed his name to Adil Hamilton, said:

    "Islam is the one powerful religion which can stand in the way of the waves of atheism and laxity under which the present industrial communities are suffering. Islam attracts many university graduates, particularly those who are burdened and weary of ideological wrangling."

    Marmaduke Pickthall (1836-1936), the renowned Englishman of letters, who embraced Islam and called himself Muhammad, and whose translation of the meanings of the Qur'an is highly esteemed, said:

    "Never is there a worldly grace every enjoyed by man greater than that of being happy and content after being guided to Islam by Allah: to see, by the light of Islam, the truths of the world and the Hereafter and to distinguish between right and wrong and the path of happiness from that of misery. I prostrate myself gratefully to Allah, for this great grace He endowed me with, which flooded my being with true happiness and made me stand in the shade of this great fruitful tree which is the tree of Islamic brotherhood and family."