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Combining Prayers at Umrah & Hajj!

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    Combining Prayers at Umrah & Hajj!

    Hafeez Sahib, in another thread asked the question why Muslim combine Salats to 3 during Umrah & Hajj.

    As I haven't been blessed to perform Umrah or Hajj; I did not know that. I would like to know what's the reason behind that. Also:
    • 1. Do they perform 3 salats or do they perfom 5 but actually combine them into 3?

      2. Is it mandatory to combine them or can one perform 5 at their appropriate time.

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    Pardon my limited knowledge, but they are not combined during "Umrah", but only during "Hajj".

    Some prayers are combined and the reason they are combined is because the Prophet (Sallah o Alaihay Wassalam) performed Hajj in that same manner (as per historians and scholars). So this is how Hajj is performed for the last 1500 years.

    The complete details of hajj can be found at

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      I am deleting my comments as they might 'mislead'!

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