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Which is worse, if any?

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    Which is worse, if any?

    To have read a lot about your faith and still not practice what you believe are the correct teachings out of sheer laziness or feeling its too much trouble to do/implement


    To be ignorant about your faith and never read about its teachings, but claim to be an adherent to it due to whatever limited knowledge you have been taught about your faith, which you hold dear.

    Which is worse, if any? Thanks in advance for your reply.

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      To me both are dangerous since both of them may very easily lead to disobedience of Allah SWT and hence buying Hell.

      May Allah SWT guide us all towards right and help us follow the right


        less hypocrisy in the second approach, i think
        "A woman has got to be able to say, and not feel guilty, 'Who am I, and what do I want out of life?' She mustn't feel selfish and neurotic if she wants goals of her own, outside of husband and children"


          How does it matter? Why wouldn't one just get up, increase their knowledge and follow whatever is right?

          Anyhow, I suppose it would be worse to know something is right/wrong and still not follow it.


            First one is hypocrit and second one is ignorant. Both are undesirable, because the most important thing --- "amal or practice" is missing in both cases.

            One should atleast have a clear intention, Allah's help will be there for you.


              Both are equally wrong.

              And you could say laziness is an excuse for both, i.e. lazy to act upon what you know, and in the second instance, lazy to seek knowledge as we are commanded to do.