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women and divorce in islam

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    women and divorce in islam

    islam allows divorce and freedom for women to seek divorce. but do you think any islamic women have the courage to ask the husband for divorce?

    I have a cousin who left her husband, I have a friend who left her husband. I know of others as well.

    Its less of a religious and more of a cultural issue. forget divorce in our culture even if an engagement is called off ppl start saying stuff about the girl, and somehow it becomes a point against her even if the guy was a complete ass and she called it off herself. This in my view also decreases as the families are more educated. There are many other things in teh culture that dont make sense.

    You will see educated and professional women more in these groups, although it happens in other groups as well.
    In fact my friend who left her husband had not finished college and is doing that now while raising a daughter and working.

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      In an article, the link of which is found under Beena's post on polygamy - the scholar states that a woman doesn't have the right to end a marriage by divorce, and that this decision lies in the husband's hands... is this true?

      I'm thinking not, but I'm still interested in the views.
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