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    A Very good news

    As a part of New World Order the planned devastation of WTC in New York has triggered dramatic changes in Pakistan. Hitherto a loathed country we suddenly have become darling of the United States, UK, and host of other wealthy and powerful countries in the world. They have showered disclosed and undisclosed Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Franks, and Yen on Pakistan. Our foreign reserves dramatically swelled within months. We became a fairly rich country almost overnight. Our President General Pervez Musharraf had recently undertaken journey to war-ravaged Afghanistan and presented a purse of more than dollars one million (or ten million!) to the Ghareeb Awam of Afghanistan.

    Mighty ones who had joined hands together in a holy war against the terrorists in Afghanistan inflicted more destruction in three months than the destruction inflicted on the country during the 10-year Soviet war! The three-month bombardment was so intense that the flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, lizards, rats, birds, animals including men, women, and children perished. Dust to dust, and ashes to ashes! The new war arsenal and technology was successfully tested. The mission was seemingly accomplished. The victory was celebrated all over the world. According to one estimate 10 Marines were martyred, and 10,000 Taliban and Al Qaeda warriors (or terrorists) were killed in the holy war, and ended up in the hell. What an incredible achievement! The frightened mothers on the earth heaved a sigh of relief, including the mothers in Palestine. They now hope against hope that the mighty Americans along with their faithful allies Pakistan and India would wage relentless war against the most dreaded terrorists of the mankind, poverty and ignorance.

    Now that the war is a closed chapter the Americans have gradually realised that the Afghan people, whether civilians or militants, look alike. To distinguish between them is an arduous task. The war analysts now believe that the 10,000 people killed in the war were mostly civilians. Osama and Omar along with a large number of their followers have moved away, and have probably taken shelter among their kith and kin in Azad Qabail within Pakistan. The search has begun.

    The good news

    The local agencies obviously on the tip-off from foreign agencies raided the offices of three NGOs, namely Qatar Charity Society, Islamic Relief Agency, and Lijanat-ul-Dawa in Peshawar last week. The three NGOs hitherto were engaged in education, heath, and social services for the Afghan orphans, widows, and disabled persons.

    Saudi Arabian philanthropists run the Islamic Relief Agency. The Agency takes part in multifarious relief activities. It looks after religious institutions for the education of Afghan children. Lijanat-ul-Dawa is patronised by multi-millionaires from different Arab countries. The Dawa runs Madrasas and educational institutions for Afghan war orphans, and the local poor. The local and foreign hawks believe the three NGOs harbour Taliban, and Al Qaeda warriors!

    Since the destruction of WTC things for the Muslim world have undergone a radical change. Prior to the holocaust a Muslim like a Hindu, or a Christian was looked at as a Muslim. After the devastation of WTC it is no more the same world for the Muslims. They are looked at from different angles by the suspicious world. They are watched and hounded relentlessly. Entire perspective for Muslim existentialism has undergone a change. For sinners like me the change is a blessing in disguise. The insiders believe the change is a part of implementation of the New World Order! I, an evil, like it.

    My brethren dislike me. I go to the pubs and the bars regularly. I spend nights with the call girls and the prostitutes. With the connivance of the high and mighty I usurp other people's rights and the properties. I abduct for ransom. I am a trusted agent in the kickbacks gathered by the civil and non-civil elite in the country. I was, and I still am an outcast among my own community. But, I have never cared. It is my life.
    After the implementation of New World Order (the devastation of WTC was schematic) I have escaped the censure from the Masters who run the affairs in the world. I do not offer prayers daily for five times. I do not undertake pilgrimage for Hajj. I do not observe fast during the month of Ramazan. I abstain from helping poor and needy through Zakat. Ones who do not follow the fundamentals of Islam are acceptable to the Masters under the New World Order.

    The other type of the Muslims who adhere to the fundamentals of Islam, offer prayers for five times daily, observe fast, perform Hajj, and distribute Zakat among the needy and the poor are rightly detested by the Masters. They are fundamentalists. And, the fundamentalists are very dangerous people.

    Thank God, The head of Islamic State of Pakistan is not a fundamentalist. It is very good news for the Muslims he does not adhere to the fundamentals of Islam! No prayers, no Hajj, no fasting, and no Zakat.

    Here's what people on the other side of the coin say:

    The madrassas set up in Afghanistan and Pakistan do not encourage THINKING and ANALYZATION. Refer to the thread entitled Dear PyariCgudia for more info.

    Also, many say these madrassas thrive on the anti-American rhetoric, blaming all problems of the downtrodden attending these schools on the West, when in fact the elite, the religious authorities, and the power-hungry politicians and army men are the main and DIRECT and SOLVABLE source of all problems. Also, the madrassas are set up (strange enough) only in the downtrodden areas of society. Why? Because any educated individual can see through the games of using Islam for political ends, but one who has had a tough life buys into the anti-American argument very easily because they have no money to send their children to costly private schools.

    Also, its always easy to take advantage of the poor and downtrodden by using religion as a banner, while motives are actually political. Its all about manpower. More humans to go off and fight sensless jihaads which will not take the Muslim Ummah anywhere except back to the Middle Ages.

    Also, you claim that the American army has done much damage and provided much misery to the Afghan population by its so called WAR ON TERRORISM. I ask you though...were you there? Do you have access to American confidential information that would tell you about this war? No of course not. Moreover, the happiness of Afghanis shows the general approval ratings of the current non-Taliban govt. Also, refugees in Pakistan are now beginning to move back to Afghanistan. During the Talibaan, they were all crossing over to Pakistan or Iran.

    Hmmm...I'm sure they were crossing over just to tour Pakistan's beuatiful sites. Yeah, I'm sure they were having fun doing that while freezing and starved in tents that could barely stay up. Even Pakistan did not have the resources to feed and clothe these people, it can barely feed and clothe its own people. I'm sure they preferred the misery they faced in Pakistan over their lives in Afghanistan. Otherwise, they would have gone back immediately.

    Moreover, reporters of all nationalities, including Pakistanis (even in pre-9-11 era) would relay reports from the mouths of the refugees themselves over the horrors they faced in their own homes.

    Furthermore, the homes of Mullah Omer and all the other top leaders of the Taliban that were found after these people deserted the Afghanis in their so called "misery" during the War of Terror, were well-furnished, with abundant food and stores, and the beautiful mosaics showed that the Talibaan were living a life of luxury when the common man's wife had to take to begging on the streets just to feed her children enough so that they wouldn't die. However, the children died anyway.

    Also, I would like to say that I'm a muslim who lives in America. No one treats us with a bad attitude here. No one bothers us regarding our faith and we are free to practice as we wish. Sure some hate crimes have happened, but that is a pretty mellowed- out reaction considering that so called " Muslims" crashed a PLANE into the TWIN TOWERS. Consider if some American pilot flying a commercial plane over Pakistan (doesn't happen, but lets imagine) decided to take revenge and ram his plane into the federal buildings in Islamabad as well as Habib Bank and some other major business buildings in Karachi? How do you think Pakistanis would react? I bet every American on Pakistani soil , nay EVERY CHRISTIAN would be SHOT DEAD or TORTURED for the crimes of one wacked out American pilot.

    At least most Americans have been mature on the matter and they're not targetting every muslim they come across for physical violence to avenge the death of innocent civilians in the Crash.

    Also, most Americans have come to admire the lifestyle of the Muslims, although they may not be prepared to follow such a lifestyle. The girls at my University are never harassed because of their hijaabs, and if any muslim man chooses to wear a beard, they're not harassed either. The university allows the Muslim students to hold religious events on campus, and during the Month of Islam ( A month reserved, like for other causes, in which awareness of Islam is observed all around the campus) the University was the first university in the nation to allow for a campus-wide Azaan. The Azaan could be heard on all speakers in every corner of the university.

    So please, dont talk such nonsense. In the end, you have more religious freedom in America than you have in any so-called "Islamic" state in the east. I say this as a practicing muslim who lives in America.

    It amazes me that some muslims are so angry and vocal when it comes to atrocities being committed ag/muslims in kashmir, bosnia, and palestine (the imaginary one, at any rate), and YET, they are not vocal and/or ARE ecstatic when the lives of innocent non-muslims are lost.

    A life is a life. When you murder someone, regardless of the cause, you're bound to get a reaction. The current reaction is that muslims have lost the respect they were beginning to have in the west before the 9-11 attacks. For that, yes, I'd like to thank (sarcastically) the fundoos.

    [This message has been edited by PyariCgudia (edited July 08, 2002).]
    I believe in dragons, good men, and other fantasy creatures.


      app jo koi bi hain app america ki bohat side lai rahe hain, app mujhe kah rahe hain ke afghanistan main jo kuch ho raha hai kya ma wahan tha jo ma ye sab kah raha hoo, to mere bhai app ki info ke lye itna kafi hona chahye ke mera taluq Pakistan Army se hai, aur ma bohat achi tarah janta hoo ke kahan kya ho raha hai, aur app ki aik aur info ke lye ye bi batata chaloo ke Afghanistan main ab drug crops ko dobara se Govt. ki support haasil ho gayi hai, aur is main sirf Afghanistan ki Govt. hi nahi American Army bi hisa lai rahi hai, aur is waqt duniya main Drugs ki sab se bari market America hai. jo drug Afghanistan main $220/- per KG milti hai wo america main $35000-/ per Kg ho jati hai......America Islam ki jitni qader karta hai wo sab ko maloom hai, jahan 11 sep ke baad wahan ke taqreeban her muslim ko tung kya gya un ke sath jo jo kuch kya gya app ke tasavur main bi nahi ho ga.....un logo ko kitna torture kya gya ye app nahi jante........mere Bhai America abi jo jo kare ga wo daikhte jao.....ager app ko koi info bi chahye ho o batana wo ma app ko doo ga.......takay app asliat jaan sako


        cool flame

        FYI the pakistanis that are in jail and being deported from the USA are illegal immigrants. They deserve to be deported. Being a supporter of Islam, you ought to know that.

        Oh wait, or is not waiting for your turn Jaahiz in Islam?

        Furthermore, there are many that are being arrested here who have had plans to do harm to people. Recently, an Egyptian came into an LA airport and fired at some people at the Israeli airline counter. These people, even if they were Israeli, were put under undue pressure and some were even killed in the fire. This guy also happened to be running a limo company in LA. Now you tell me. If he hates the US so much, why is he here making money? Why not go to the front line in "Palestine" and fight for the cause?

        Instead, he killed 2 civilians who had probably nothing to do with the Israeli govt and were just employed by an airline.

        I'm glad the security officers shot him. Good riddance.

        Secondly, are you seriously telling me that all those refugees whose interviews we've seen on tv are lying when they say they've fled from a tyrannical govt? Yeah, I'm sure the Talibaan drove more people away from Islam then towards it.

        Good job.

        I'm not saying that the American army didn't have a self-oriented cause in their mission in Afghanistan. But in their selfishness, they did something so Good for the muslim world. It was a move that Pakistan, if it hadn't been so frightened by the Talibaan regime, should have done immediately after the Talibaan took over.

        Pakistani govt needs to provide opportunities for the poor man to grow as an individual and have the opportunity to make something of himself. Sadly, since the Pak govt isn't doing this, and also since the Pak army isn't contributing jack, you have people who are willing to fight Jihaads so that their family can have food on the table.

        So blame the Pak army that you have "talooqat" with before you blame any outsider. While you're at it, blame your govt and the elite class of Pakistan.

        They've ruined Jinnah's vision in their greed.
        I believe in dragons, good men, and other fantasy creatures.


          Bhai app mujhe LA ki jo story bata rahe ho ab tum mujhe batao ke kya tum wahan the jo tum ye sab kuch kah rahe ho......hamari Army Govt her mushkil main Pakistan ko bachaya hai.....Talibaan ke haq main ham the aur ham hi the jinho ne Talibaan ko qabool kya tha.......mager ham un ke khalaf bi the.......Jahan tak Govt ki baat app ker rahe ho to bhai ye Army Govt ka nahi app ki jo pahli Govt hain Mian Sahab ki aur Bibi ki unhi ka ye sab kiya dara hai......jab Kargil ki war ho rahi us waqt logo ki majority Army ke sath thi ke Army jo ker rahi hai theek er rahi hai.......mager app hi ke leader jo us waqt sab ko piyare the Nawaz sahab un ko Army kahti rahi ke app China jaain mager wo mun utha ker America chala gya americans ke agay joohkne ke lye........aur us ke aik faisle se hamare jitne Fauji Shaheed howe app soch bi nahi sakte..........Pak Army Talibaan ke khalaf 11 sep ko nahi us se bohat pahle ho chuki thi......kuk un ke muzaalim wahan barhte ja rahe the........ager hamari Govt ye faisla na karti to bhai mere aj app ka bi wohi haal hota jo Afghanistan ka hoa tha........Ham sab jaantay hain ke Americans hamare sath nahi hain mager ager ham un ka sath dai rahe hain to mere bhai is main hamara nahi balkay poori Pakistan Qaum ka faida hai........we Know ke hamare Gen sahab ne kuch ghalat faisle kiye hain......mager ham un ke sath is lye hain kuk wo jo ker rahe hain mulq ke lye ker rahe hain........ager app 11 sep ke baad wali tapes suno jo Usama ki daikhaayi gayi to us main sirf app ko English Translation ker ke sunaya Tv per daikhaya gya wo sab ne maan lya........mere bhai hamare pas us ki aik aik tape majood hai jis main us ne kya kya kaha hai........un pahli tapes main unho ne saaf inkaar kya hai........Americans ka to Usama apna banda hai wo usay kabi nahi maare ga........kuk jab wo usay maar dai ga usay yahan se jana pare ga is lye wo aisa kabi nahi kare ga....... Americans Army ke target per Usama aya mager unho ne usay ku nahi maara?.......Aj tak Sadam Hussain ku nahi maara gya??..........aj tak Yaser Irfaat ku nahi maara gya........mere bhai ye sab AMericans ke bande hain........kuch sochna zaroor is bare main


            Originally posted by PyariCgudia:
   have people who are willing to fight Jihaads so that their family can have food on the table as a return of participation in Jihad.

            VERY WRONG. People are not doing "jihad" to bring food to the table, you should correct your information here. Allah SWT or Taliban or Mullah Omer didn't give any food for them to put on table for their family, in fact many people left their luxuries to join the fight.

            So blame the Pak army that you have "talooqat" with before you blame any outsider. While you're at it, blame your govt and the elite class of Pakistan.

            They've ruined Jinnah's vision in their greed.
            US government is equally to be blamed. No one is innocent here. "iss hammam mai sub nangay hayn". Musharraf did whatever he was brought in power for, there wasn't any surprise to me.

            If that Egyptian guy killed some Israelis in LA airport, so do many Americans kill their families, their ex-employers etc. He just had to drain his feelings somewhere.

            Also, how many illegal Mexicans were deported? illegal Canadians? didn't see any numbers there. Also, of those illegal Pakistanis, how many "hated" US? how many "really" were planning or members of Al-Qaeda?

            May Allah SWT guide us all towards right and help us follow the right

            [This message has been edited by Changez_like (edited July 10, 2002).]


              Rizq to us khuda ne daina hai......ager Rizq insaan ne daina hota to yahan sab bhooke mare hote......Jihaad jihaad log karte hain Jihaad kya hai??......Jihaad ye to nahi kahta ke apas main muslims larain..... ye hamare mulq ke kuch Mulana Hazraat hain jo logo ki zindigiu se khailte rahe aur ab bi kahil rahe baqi nahi kahta hamare mulq ke aik mulana sahab jo bohat shohrat rakhte hain Mulana Fazal-ur-rehman rahte is mulq main hain khate is mulq main hain aur sath hamaisha se unho ne India ka dya hai.......NWFP main dare Petrol Stations is ke hain........kahan se aya in ke pas paisa??........Qazi Sahab ke paas pais kahan se aya?? sab Americans ke bande wo log hain jinho ne apni Sari Ulaad to America baihji hoi hai aur baichaare logo ke masoom bacho ko Jihaad ke naam per merwa rahe sawak ka jawab do jab 11 sep ko WTC per hamla hoa us waqt 4000 Isreali absent ku the??......