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Punishment given to the teenage girl--In accord with Islam?

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    Punishment given to the teenage girl--In accord with Islam?

    i am starting this post based on the argument of guppy Adbulmalick, according to which the recent punishment given to the girl in Multan was in accordance with Islam!! I disagree with him unless ofcourse he can convince me in to it by providing facts.

    it would be nice if Bro Ibrahim and other guppies share their views on this.

    w.r.t to ur post regarding Qisas, i still fail to understand how does it apply in the recent incident which happened in Multan. i.e. how is it in accord with Islam?

    the closest thing which i could find from ur post related to the current issue was "Wounds equal for equal"

    for ur ready reference from ur post:

    We ordained therein for them: "Life for life, eye for eye, nose or nose, ear for ear, tooth for tooth, and WOUNDS equal for equal." But if any one remits the retaliation by way of charity, it is an act of atonement for himself. And if any fail to judge by (the light of) what God hath revealed, they are (No better than) wrong-doers.

    what type of wounds are we talking about here? the "11" yr old boy was mearly seen
    WALKING with the girl(which is 4/5 yrs older then him) of the so called "high caste".

    ok admitting that WALKING of the girl with that boy could have resulted in a WOUND
    for the "high caste" family.(which is a very pathetic excuse for what they did)

    now keeping the definition of Qisas which u provided; the right "punishment" would have
    been to made the 11 yrs old boy's sister walk with the brother(or equivleant male member from her family) of that girl.

    Well thats what i call being "fair". Not to mention that in this case other factors
    should have been kept in mind, in particular the age difference b/w the girl and the boy.

    how does projecting the 18-yr old girl to such an extreme degree of humiliation justify the "Qisas"??

    and according to me clearly those ppl who tried to play god have twisted the religion
    according to their needs and interests.

    for the previous post please follow

    to read about the incident please follow

    I dunno where I'm going. I dunno what for. But I'm making progress.

    [This message has been edited by heart beat (edited July 06, 2002).]
    I don't know where I am going. I don't know what for but I am making progress.

    I'm sorry, but this one is being locked up.

    I do not wish ignorant whimical posts in response as already witnessed in the Pakistan Affairs forum.

    It was a sad event and clearly unIslamical what the girl suffered. And i will not have people making a mockery out of it, nor stand for any slander against Allaah - subhaana wa ta'aala - and His Laws, simply because of the igonorance of the people and jurists involved in such a crime who are clearly sinful and misguided.