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an experience u have had engaging the issues of ethnic or religious diversity

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    an experience u have had engaging the issues of ethnic or religious diversity

    i need information on this topic plz help me out .... give me ant metirial

    I have a recent, relevant experience I can share. I started to post on gupshup in the World Affairs section to engage a diverse group that I have little contact with since moving to the Southern US.

    I found very little diversity within the 'groups' on any particular issue. It is pretty much one side vs. the other. Each side believes the other is completely wrong and evil and that their ‘side’ is righteousness and noble. They are varying degrees of moderation and tolerance, but little common ground is reached.

    Wanting to expand my horizons to the spiritual side- leaving behind the bigotry, hate and name-calling of WA, I started to read and post on the Religion board. Expecting to find enlightenment, understanding, and the common love we all share for mankind; I instead witnessed intolerance, arrogance and self-righteousness.

    Diversity of views is frowned upon. It is amazing at how some seem to possess such transcendent mental and spiritual superiority that they can judge others so quickly and commandingly. They think that if they can recite and quote scripture, it gives them some kind of extraordinary truth-telling ability. I have always believed that a truly pious and righteous man would not have to berate, belittle or demean those on whom he intends to edify with his great knowledge.

    Suffice to say that the diversification within the ‘groups’ on the Religion board isn’t even up to the low standards of the WA board.