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Why I took the hijab

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    Why I took the hijab

    Hilary Saunders used to think that Islam was a relic from the dark ages. Now she has converted. Here she explains why

    Since my conversion, I have chosen to abide by the Islamic code of dress and wear the hijab. The hijab is about modesty, not showing off, not trying to attract the opposite sex, and avoiding causing envy. Islam advises both sexes, not just women, to dress modestly.

    I felt quite nervous about putting it on at first, wondering what people would think. But then I told myself that I had made a commitment and that this was the public sign of it. I feel a lot safer now that I am wearing it; I have more self-respect. Now I know where I belong.

    "#define QUESTION ((bb) | | !(bb))" Shakespeare
    I am only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.

    Another convert parroting!!


      Salaam, Yes I read it too. It was quite interesting.
      Nag have a read, what really amaze me is the fact that women seem to be converting more than men, even with the misconception about the rights of women in Islaam that the western media projects!