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Asking God-- Did Christ (pbuh) prophesize about Mohammed (pbuh) ?

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    Asking God-- Did Christ (pbuh) prophesize about Mohammed (pbuh) ?

    Ibrahim says: Greetings of peace to one and all

    Dear all,

    Lets continue “Asking God” continued after Who is Mary (pbuh)? was answered by God.

    And How did Mary (pbuh) conceive her son? was answered by God.

    And Is Christ your son? was answered by God

    And why the special way? was answered by God

    And Who is Christ? was answered by God

    And after How did Christ get such powers was answered by God

    And after Who invented Christ and Mary worship? was answered by God.

    And after was Christ crucified by men? was answered by God

    And after What was Christ’s mission? was answered by God

    My Lord ! so Thou raised Jesus (false name) the Christ but surely thou did not leave mankind to ponder, wander and wonder. Surely Thou did guide mankind even though they fail all the time.?

    Did Jesus know about the final prophet, the one that Thou had prophesied in the Bible from ancient times?

    Did Christ (pbuh) prophesize about Mohammed (pbuh) ?

    The Creator said:

    61:6 And remember Jesus the son of Mary said: "O Children of Israel! I am the apostle of Allah (sent) to you confirming the Law (which came) before me and giving glad Tidings of an Apostle to come after me whose name shall be Ahmad." But when he came to them with Clear Signs they said "This is evident sorcery!"
    Ibrahim says : Glory be to thee and even after this they did not believe in the final prophet. what a loss and none can save them this day for they have erred beyond salvation when they worship Jesus ( fabricated name) instead of You my Lord.
    Disclaimer : Actual word used by the Creator as his true and proper name is Allah in all original scriptures , ( not God as is refer to in this post for convenience ) Eesa (or spelt Esa , Isa, Issa) is the true name of Christ and Mariam is the true name of the Mother of Christ.

    Ibrahim says: Any questions explicitly based on the above topic is welcome.

    ibrahim jews christian and muslim pray
    to same god? if yes why not muslim go to church or vice versa?

    if god is responisble for creation who is
    responisble for destruction?
    or bad things are done by separate equaly
    powerful opposite force?

    how do you prove only muslim's
    prayers are answred ?


      Originally posted by rvikz:
      ibrahim jews christian and muslim pray to same god? if yes why not muslim go to church or vice versa?
      Ibrahim says: Greetings of peace to one and all

      Rivkz dear, spinning the wheel are we? Or have you yet to understand what this “Asking God” series had been conveying?

      The Creator is only one, meaning not one in number but one in essence immaterial of faith. All the scriptures on this planet ONLY praised Him, the Almighty Allah , the Most High as the Creator of mankind.

      But differences of opinions arose (just like your spin) and people who taught and thought they were wise created divisions and alterations and threw away part of the instructions that was given to them as trustee of the ONE faith that God gave to all of mankind in various tongues .

      Since there is only ONE faith, all other faiths becomes false, so identify the TRUE faith and separate from the falsehoods.

      That is why those who separate from evil are those whom God had favored and because they separate from evil they will not mix their worship with those that are in error or anything that is erroneous.

      if god is responisble for creation who is responisble for destruction? or bad things are done by separate equaly powerful opposite force?
      Ibrahim says : Basically you are asking who created evil?

      Kindly read and ponder…………..

      Did God create evil, so that man can be put into confusion ? or did Satan create evil so that man can be misled ? or did evil create itself?

      Glory be to God, some of the scriptures, does imply that God created evil and others imply that God, himself , had to fight evil. Well these, indeed sounds absurd and taking it further to suggest that evil created itself , can be rather foolish. Needless to mention, that the one clear scripture, the Qur'an, has been the most trustworthy to guide us from this confusion.

      What does it reveal? Only one small chapter is needed to be mentioned here. Surah 113:

      In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

      Say: I seek refuge with the Lord of the dawn,

      From the mischief of created things;

      From the mischief of darkness as it overspreads;

      From the mischief of those who blow on knots;

      And from the mischief of the envious one as he practices envy.

      Clearly this surah reveals that, just like Iblis, who had been favoured to be amongst the Angels, who due to his pride, became evil (satan). All things had been created for a certain purpose, with no evil intent. But due to certain circumstances these created things can become evil to mankind. To put it another way, the bacteria had been created to perform certain functions, which are beneficial to mankind and some of them do inhabit the human body without causing any harm, on the other hand certain bacteria can cause harm if they enter the human body, thus becoming evil in nature at that point and time. Similarly the fish bone, has a fundamental purpose for the performance of the fish, assuming that it happen to get caught in your throat, it becomes evil to you. It was not created as an evil by itself, nor was the bacteria for that matter, nor was Iblis .

      So certain created things although in their original place and form are a basic requirement for the evolvement of nature, they can become harmful to mankind in other circumstances, we can take this further by looking at the grape fruit, as it is in its original form it is indeed a very sweet fruit, that mankind cherish. But take this fruit , ferment it to produce out of it an Alcoholic content, then it becomes evil , because it intoxicates the human mind and with the temptations of the whisperer, one can commit the most offensive crimes on oneself or on others, thus propagating evil. Indeed it would be foolish to assume that the grape fruit is evil, but use it to produce wine and then to consume it to reach the state of intoxication, had led numerous men to their downfall. Yet our current generation, knowingly produce them for these very purpose, which is known to mankind and which had been warned and forbidden in the final scripture. Thus even men, who had been endowed with wisdom, can become evil.

      Hence the presence of evil on this planet, as such needless for us to elaborate any further. It is because of this nature that exists within us and amongst jinns too, that we are put to trials and tests for us to remove from ourselves whatever evil that we may have. Clearly our life on this planet is more a process of separation of evil from the truth. Those of us that are able to keep away from evil become good and those of us who accept evil as a way of life become bad. Hence the good and the bad are not equal. Clearly the good deserve the garden and the bad the fire that they had been promised. Here we need to add, that just being good is still insufficient, if one is unable to accept and submit themselves to their CREATOR, for the grace being bestowed on them and it is not for us to be arrogant and accept only what we chose to accept.

      Meaning, even if one is good in behavior towards all his fellow creations but fail to submit to his CREATOR, he is still arrogant (evil) in the sight of the CREATOR.

      how do you prove only muslim's prayers are answred ?
      Ibrahim says: Maybe you have yet to understand everyone prayers may be answered as per God’s will including the thief who prays, that he will not get caught.

      You see the Creator will give you what you ask, immaterial of your belief since He had already established that your life on this planet is temporary by giving you death and your true life only begins in the hereafter. So by giving everyone what they desired within the limits of Gods absolute will and power , NO one can Claim God is unjust . In this way when you will have to face God in the hereafter, you cannot claim he did not give you His blessings and you had a reason for being ungrateful. Hence No soul can claim that they were ill treated and that is why they did not submit to God. Thus answering of prayers by God is pretty much equal for all souls on this planet immaterial of faith. Even atheists get what they asked for some time or the other just like everyone else. . That is why Muslims say Allah is most Gracious Most merciful, He ensures even the ants and virus gets their sustenance.

      On the other hand the Muslim prayer is accumulated and given due rewards for his submission out of gratitude (not out of compulsion) in the hereafter. And that is where it really counts, since immaterial of our faith all will die on this planet and the ones that will have bliss in the hereafter are the ones that had submitted as God had wanted .

      This is simple, you will only reward your employee, when he does what you want, when he disobeys you , you fire him. So what else you expect with God? To the fire is where those who disobey God will be heading.

      Hope that helps


      the suffering that comes form our error is created to deflect us back to the correct path