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under arm & pubic hair

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    under arm & pubic hair

    If somebody does not remove it at all, does that persons Salaah count?

    Im asking this cuz one of my friends from school prays namaaz but says he doesn't shave down there..

    Asalam ualikum W'r W'b Brother;

    I am of the understanding that cleaning of pubic hair was part of the sunnah and only a part of general cleanliness. Here is some information that I could gather:


    Will the prayer of one who leaves his pubic hair and does not shave it for a month be accepted?


    Praise be to Allaah.

    Shaving the pubic hair – the hair that grows around the private parts – is part of the sunan al-fitrah (actions that befit the natural state of man). They should not be left without shaving for more than forty days because of the proven hadeeth to that effect. However, leaving them for more than forty days does not have any effect on the validity of a person’s prayer, and to say that it does reflects ignorance of the pure sharee’ah.
    I will try to look up the specific ahadiths that is being talked about in the above answer.


      JazakAllah Khairun Brother


        Paki Prince, if the hadeeth doesn't convince him into shaving I suggest you look up all the diseases and infections related to not shaving, and microbes that make their home in pubic hair.

        Also let him know that his wife wont find it attractive. Neither will anyone in his near vicinity because of the odor caused by the moisture that gets trapped in the hair after a shower.

        Maybe that'll make him be clean.
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