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    ~ I M A G I N E ~


    Imagine yourself after you pass away
    Imagine your grave through night and through day
    Wishing that you did not do as they say
    Wishing that you had got up and had prayed.

    Imagine, my friends, the day that you died
    Imagine all of the tears that they cried
    Remember how it felt when your body was tied
    Remember how it felt in the grave which you lied.

    Imagine the day you'll be called to account
    Imagine the sum to which your life will amount
    Think for a moment of the deeds which you mount
    Think for a moment how much they will count.

    What will they say of you when you are dead?
    What will they say, what will be said?
    Will they speak of all the poor who you fed?
    Will they remember all the Qu'ran that you read?

    Think not of them, but of Allah, Lord of mankind and jinn
    Think of Allah when tempted to sin
    Think of the paradise which you will dwell in
    Don't wait till later to think what might have been.

    "I put my trust in Allah, my Lord and your Lord! There is not a moving creature, but He has a grasp of its forelock. Verily, my Lord is on the straight path. (The truth)"

    "...Indeed my prayer, my sacrifice, my living and my dying are for Allaah, the Lord of the worlds" (6:162)

    JazakAllah khair

    Saadia thanks for sharing. I stopped for quite a few min and thought what i have done the entire day. I usually put poems all together, this one is going in there too. Which i read almost everyday reminds of what i really have to do on this planet

    Life became all Gray! But NOW i have decided to paint it all over again.

    I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat