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What percentage are Ahmedis in Pakistan?

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    What percentage are Ahmedis in Pakistan?

    How many Ahmedis are there in Pakistan as a percentage of population?
    And where are they concentrated?
    What I can't understand is why the Non-Ahmedi Pakistanis can't leave them alone!!

    I mean 'Sects' in Islam are not new. Like in Syria, the rulers belong to a minority sect.
    Ofcourse both sects consider the other heretics. That's why they are a 'sect'.
    So that much Pakistan has in common with other Muslim countries.
    But this persecution seems to be 'Extra'.

    Probably like three precent. There are fewer Ahmedis then there are Christians I have heard .


      Adnan, I think 3% is probably a bit too high, that will make close to 5 million Pakistanis Ahmadis. What I know is that there are around 8 million worldwide, and I donít think that the majority is in Pakistan. I think perhaps close to 1.5% of the population of Pakistan is of Ahmadi faith. I need to check with my sources, may be Ahmadjee has some figures. If not, I will let you know in a couple of days.

      Andhra, Ahmadis in Pakistan are in all parts of the country. In many small towns, villages, and big towns. Concentration is more in North Central Punjab than elsewhere.


        I know there are very few Ahmedis..But that is just miniscule... I think they might equal the number of Hindus in Sindh perhaps.



          I do not know the exact numbers but I will get back to you with the information.

          I suspect that its close to 1% or so in Pakistan. Though the number world wide is much higher than what NYA bhai mentioned.

          What you will find interesting will be that the Jama'at (group/mission) in India claimed kast year that within a few years they will cross the number of Ahmadis in Pakistan. (Insh'Allah). Last year nations of Africa had the largest number of converts, followed by India and Indonesia.

          Don't worry about the Persecution, we cherish it as a blessing!
          I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
          - Robert McCloskey