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    But Parastee

    Many of my nonMuslim friends say that you guys(Muslims ) talk about shirk and BUTPARASTI concidering it wrong ....etc WHat do you think your Pilgrim (Haj) is ? Isn't it a BUT PARASTI ? And unfortunatly i didn't have answer to them. please need proper and serious answers and please don't curse me of my lake of knowledge and being not logical. I came acroos the question and I am asking it to those who surely Know mire then i know.
    Jazak Allah

    hehe...good joke no offence to u but i am referring to the joke made by ur friends.

    Now comming back to idol worshipping...
    1. does Ka'aba has 2 eyes, 1 nose and me it seems more like a house...and well when we bow before Allah...i know we are actually bowing to Ka'aba...but Kaaba is Allah's house and he has told us to direct our prayers in that direction...well at one time the muslims were told to pray in the direction of the mosque in jeruselem (don't mind my spellings plz) so that doesn't matter...what matters is that Allah has told us to bow in front of Him and Him only...and Ka'aba just acts as a direction.

    2ndly i haven't seen anybody bowing before ka'aba during haj else then when a person is praying, and well we don't ask ka'aba for help we ask Allah for it, isn't it. And we seriously don't have a model of Allah hiding inside ka'aba...Prophet muhammad (p.b.u.h) took care of that.
    We are supposed to make rounds of ka'aba during haj and not bow before it.

    Now Shirk is not restricted to idol worshipping, it is just one form of it ...actually why idol worshipping is shirk is because...Allah is in the heavens and only he has power over ur lives...and if u believe that some clay model has powers belonging to Allah then well what can i say?

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      I don't dear,
      but people say you bow your head and yu kiss the kaba and you circle arround it and do these things like you worship it so it is made of stone and it is idol worship.


        Dear Wax in those circumstances...i would tell them the real thing..the practices that actually go on during hajj.
        Yeah i know we kiss...hajre-e-aswad (a stone said to be white as milk when brought down from heaven)...but we don't believe that it is doing sumthing for us...and it is certainly not included in the rituals of haj....So tell them what Haj is all about


          Wax, I profess I dont know too much about hajj rituals.

          But I dont think kissing the rock is essential. Some people just do it. And its not meant to bring anyone luck or anything like that.

          The whole Kabah is an icon, a symbol. Its not a representation of a being, like idols are. The Kabah is a symbol of the unity among muslims cherished by Islam. Its so that at least once in our life we can have the opportunity of communicating with God together with our muslim bros and sisters. Other than that, Kabah is also revered since it was built by Ibrahim (Abraham) and thus also becomes a symbol of the Truth which so many are still seeking.

          Other than that, dude, its a black cubical structure. Its man-made, so it can really never be anything more than a symbol of an Islamic concept.
          I believe in dragons, good men, and other fantasy creatures.