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    *^`~AL-Malik ul Mulk~`^*


    === 'AL-Malik ul Mulk' ===

    Al Malik : The King

    "Say, "O Allah, the King of the Kingdom, You give the Kingdom to whom You
    please and You seize the Kingdom from whom You please, You honor whom You
    please and You abase whom You please, all good is in Your Hands, Indeed You
    are Capable of all things." (Al' Imran : 26)

    Allah is the absolute King of the entire Universe, of the Heavens and the
    Earth, and of all beings in them. He owns everything - nothing really
    belongs to us. You only need to look at how vast, exquisite and intricately
    designed His Kingdom is to get an idea of how Great and Powerful this King
    is. His Throne alone extends over the Heavens and the Earth. He runs this
    Universe as He wants - when He wishes something He only has to say to it Be
    and it will be.

    Remember that it is ONLY Him that you have to fear. Do not fear any human or
    anything, no matter how great they may seem, because above everyone is the
    Most Powerful Allah. NOTHING can happen in His Kingdom except by His
    Permission. To Him go back all matters for decision. Every heart is between
    His Fingers and He can turn it anyway He wants. You are His Servant alone,
    so it is only His Rules that you have to follow.

    We are poor and needy in front of this King's Majesty. Why are you chasing
    after humans who are poor just like you ??? Bow before Him and tell Him, "Ya
    Allah, I need You." Knock at His Door and seek His Help alone. Tell Him, "Ya
    Allah, I need Your Help, Your Mercy and Your Love." He will respond to your
    call because, unlike the Kings of the Earth, this King is merciful and oh so
    close to His Servants and His Door is always open . . . 24 hours a day, 7
    days a week.

    And He knows each of His Servants personally. He knows EVERY one of your
    problems, fears, worries and dreams . . . And He is always ready to listen
    and fulfill your requests. This King is never far from His Servants . . .