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Declaring The Sacredness Of Medina

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    Declaring The Sacredness Of Medina

    Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) declared Medina to be as sacred as Abraham (peace be upon him) had declared Mecca to be. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "What lies between its (Medina's) two lava plains is sacred."

    Borders of the Sanctuary of Medina

    1. What lies between its two lava plains: The Eastern one, previously known as "Hirrat Waqim", and the Western one, known as "Hirrat Al-Wabrah."

    2. Its three small mountains (Tudaru, Umm Khalid and Al-`Aqil or Al-`Aqir) are declared sacred. These mountains overlook Al-`Aqiq Valley on the western side of `Urwah Well (near the Islamic University).

    3. Declaring the sacredness of what lies between Thaur and `Air:

    * Thaur is a small, red mountain located behind Uhud. Nowadays, the airport road passes behind it.
    * `Air is a huge, black mountain located to the southern east of Dhul-Hulaifah (Abyar `Ali). On its western pass runs the Hijrah Highway.

    1. Verily, Medina is one of the most beloved places to Allah, the Exalted, because of the following merits: It is the land of His Prophet's migration (peace be upon him), it is his couch, and its people are his neighbors and supporters. Moreover, it is the abode of Faith, for to it returns Faith at the end of time. At its entrances, there are Guardian Angels. Neither Antichrist nor the Plague will be admitted to it. It will be the last city in the world to be ruined. It is the land of receiving Revelation [Wahi]. There is no place in Medina that has not had Qur'anic verses or Prophetic hadith revealed or said therein. It is the Sanctuary of Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him).

    2. Whoever intends evil actions against Medina, Allah will wipe him out just as water dissolves salt. It expels its impious inhabitants. For it Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) made these supplications:

    * O Allah! Make Medina as dear to us as You made Mecca dear or more. (Ibn Majah : Ch. Scaraficial Animals : 3149)

    * O Allah! Increase in Medina twice the blessing (Thou showered) upon Mecca.( Al-Bukhari : Ch. Hajj : 1752
    Muslim : Ch. Hajj : 2432
    Ahmad : The Rest of Oft-narrating Companions : 11999)

    * O Allah! Bless our Medina, bless us in our Sa` and Mudd, and make twice Thy blessing. (Tabarani in Al-Ausat with an Authentic Chain)

    * Let him die in Medina who can do so.

    Allahu Alim

    'Rabbee zidnee`ilmaa'
    My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.[20:114]

    The Prophet (sallallaahu 'alayhe wa sallam) said:
    "Whoever sets out on a path to seek knowledge, Allaah will make easy his path to Paradise."
    [Saheeh Muslim]

    jazak Allah khairan
    i miss MADINA ALMUNAWWARA,Prophets mosque and the quba mosque


      And the MOUNT UHAD


        Oh Mash'Allah, so when were you there?? Do you have any pics or some stories you can share, i love to hear about saudi.

        Jazak'Allahu Khaiy'run


          i was in RIYADH but i had to come here for my studies .it was about 5 yrs back .i miss my school over there


            Saudia is fine .I will be moving back inshaALLAH.LONG LIVE THE KING


              Shukran akhee
              I was born in al Khubaar, but only lived there 'til i was like 7, i'd love to go back too, insh'Allah.

              hmmmmmmmm....long live the king??


                Yes, we should make HIJRA from pakistan as there are lot of fitnahs here,people are ignorant and theres lack of islamic knowledge.Problem is they dont know Arabic,otherwise people and country are very good .Achay aur buray to har jagha houtay hain but I still think saudi arabia is better place to live than pakistan.It hurts to see people dying on shirk and bidat.many of my good friends have put themselves into fitnah(we were seven class fellows who came here ,one of them was very religious but now hes irriligiously irriligious,he smokes watch alot of movies ,another one has started taking drugs,and still others developed wrong ideas and concepts)
                This is probably my last post as my exams are approaching and lot of computers and FIFA season has badly affected my father would bemad at me if i do nt pass
                you keepup with the good work of dawah yr doin.and hold fast to the way of it is like the ark of NOAH whoever gets on to it is saved.Imam MALIK said"the last part of this ummah would not be corrected except by what corrected the first part of this ummah".one of the scholar said
                The people of Islaam are strangers amongst mankind, then the people of Eemaan are strangers amongst the people of Islaam, then the people of knowledge are strangers amongst the people of Eemaan, then the people sticking to the Sunnah, those who take care to distinguish it from desires and innovations, are strangers, then those who call to it while being patient in face of the harms caused by those who turn away are the most strange

                -------------------------------------------KHALID BIN WALID said at battle of yarmouk to the Romans : "We didn't leave our country out of hunger as you said, but we heard that Roman blood is very delicious and tasty, so we have decided to quench our thirst with it."