Imam shafaee:He was born in gaza
Ibn Hijr asqalani:He was born in Asqalan ,situated on the western shore of palestine.He wrote FATHEALBARI shrah to sahih bukhari
Ibn Qudama:he was born in Nabulus, and one of the leading scholars of hanbali jurisprudence
Abdul ghani bin abdulwahid muqadasi:he wrote the famous book UMDATUL AHKAM
Imam ahmad bin hussain arramli:he was born in ramallah
In addition Musa bin nusair( FATH UNDALUS)
was born in Hebron
Some Sahaba who made journey to al quds:
ABU UBAIDA BIN JARAH:he was commander of the army which conqured alquds
BILAL BIN RABAH:He went there with hazrat Umar and gave azzan in alaqsa mosque
UBADA BIN SAMAT:he was the first qazi of palestine and died and burried in jerusalam
TAMIM BIN AUS DARI:he actually belonged to palestine and was governer of palestine for sometime
ABDULLAH BIN OMAR:He went their several times and used to say i'm going there to get the dua of hazrat sulaiman(he made three duas after cnstruction of aqsa mosque1.To make the right decision2.rularship which no one has got before3.whoever says prayers in this mosque gets free of his sins as he was the day ,he was born. hadith about this is in nissai and ibn maja)
SHADAD BIN AUS:He also died and burried in jerusalam
In addition many other went there to say prayers.MAY ALLAH BE PLEASED WITH ALL OF THEM
hai khake falestine pay yahoodi ka agar haq
huspania pay haq nahee kiyoon ahle arab ka?
If jews have right over palestine
why not arabs have right over spain
Indeed Islaam began as something strange. And it will return as something strange the way it began. So give glad tidings to the strangers”. (prophet saw)

Abdul-Wahid bin Abdullaah al-Muhaidib Said:

The people of Islaam are strangers amongst mankind, then the people of Eemaan are strangers amongst the people of Islaam, then the people of knowledge are strangers amongst the people of Eemaan, then the people sticking to the Sunnah, those who take care to distinguish it from desires and innovations, are strangers, then those who call to it while being patient in face of the harms caused by those who turn away are the most strange.

May Allaah Increase the Muslims in everything good - ameen.