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    well well i was in a hurry earlier so i didn't read ur post carefully....well in my household and well in my who khandan the ruling is that first wudu and then touch Quran other wise hold it with some cloth.

    secondly brother i can't quote ahadith again and again....i mean i quoted about a sahabi practicing taweez.

    thirdly to believe in Taweez one has to see the matter how much i tell u and how much incidents i quote u won't believe me until u have seen it urself.

    fourthly do u take painkillier if u don't have pain ...of course u don't....same ruling applies to taweez if u r not ill....or u don't need it then why wear it

    But the reason i landed in this discussion was that sum ppl who had no knowledge abt sufism and haven't ever gone to a peer were making false accusations..Peers are nothing but spiritual healers...they don't ask u to worship them instead they givu a wazifa and ask u to pray to Allah that whatever problem you have is solved....they have no power themselves..they are just ordinary muslims, they pray, they practice the five pillars of islam...and they tell all who go to them to pray. Actually due to many false pretenders the Pirs are now riducled in general. and that is sad....


      Originally posted by ~fanta~:

      What is taweez? and what it has to do with change in life? [/b]
      another misconception....Taweez doesnot affect ur is for curing illnesses not for is not a luck charm that if u wear it u'll pass the exam or get married to a rich guy ( just lightening the mood yaar) is a simply a way to cure the effect of Magic and stuff.


        A friend of mine used to wear a Taweez. He thought his life would be in danger without it. Once we were swimming and he almost drowned. Luckilly the Taweez was still floating on the surface. After that he took it of and never wore it again.


          PPL last time..Taweez does not affect ur fate....If u r going to die then u r going to die...taweez helps u in CURING DISEASES and EFFECTS OF BLACK MAGIC!!!!

          This why ppl call it is shirk when u start believing that because of taweez nothing can happen to you... If U don't have firm belief in the Powers of Allah then Neither Taweez NOr medication or anything else would help u.


            Still, it was pretty funny... Its obvious that while the Taweez may ward of Bad luck, it makes a horible floatation device.


              Re: Taweez


              I would like to comment on this topic. I am not saying that such and such is right and such and such is wrong.... Only Allah knows the truth.
              What i would like to do is give my opinion.

              It is true that the Prophet (PBUH) used to read verses of the Quraan to do things like Daam, Blow on the sick after reading a Dua. And it is also said that the Quraan is a healer. There are many hadiths to prove this and verses of the Quraan to prove the statements above. Indeed the Prophet (PBUH) did read Dua's and Quraanic Surahs, verses for the purpose of healing spiritually and illness.... Like the opening Surah Fathia...also known as the Surah of Shiffaa. Now my point is this....
              The Prophet (PBUH) did READ these Duas and Surahs.... Not WEAR them?
              Balck Magic was done on the Prophet (PBUH), Allah Talla told him to read Surah Nas and Surah Falak, which contain 11 Ayats in total, and was instructed to open the 11 knots in the thread which contained the black magic as He (PBUH) READ the Surahs. He was not instructed to WEAR the Quraanic Surahs in the form of a Taweez to break the black magic spell.
              Now im not saying it is wrong to wear a Taweez.... because i dont have any Quraanic proof or Authentic Hadith yet... but this is the reason i do not believe in Wearing a taweez in any kind of situation because Quraanic verses were send down to be read .... not worn.

              I have not read anywhere that a taweez should be worn in the situation of black magic or illness, but I have read that you should READ Duas and Surah Fathia, Surah Nas, Surah Falak...ect



                Originally posted by ~fanta~ View Post
                What is taweez? and what it has to do with change in life? is it islamic?

                I been told that its a hadith i may not remember right words
                " Shirk insani zindagi ma aisaydakhil hota hay jaisay syaha(qali) raat maa syaha pathar kaa opper syaha kera ringta hay"

                if thats right isn`t taweez or any thing like that is Shirk

                The quran is a medicine to mankind. You can get the details here.


                  Re: Taweez

                  The koran is a healer and not a magic.


                    Re: Taweez

                    is there any hadis aur ayaah about taweez??anyone knowz about it???

                    and istead of wearing taweez if we just read (watever ayaat are written on taweez) by ouselves,wont it be more safe??
                    Its just a little crush...Not like I faint every time we touch..Its just some little thing...Not like everything I do depends on you!!


                      Re: Taweez

                      TOTALLY SHIRK...u have to conform to islamic life style rather than do whatever u like to do and then wera ta'veez to seek help of Allah who is already unhapppy with ur life style and the relationship u have with Him...It's like na'oozobillah binding God to do what u want hHim to do just by wearing the ta'veez obtained mostly by some sort of payment. these half mullas are selling Qur'aan for worldly gain of a penny or two.

                      its INDEED shirk ... no ifs N buts
                      Life is NOT measured by the number of breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away!!!
                      16 breaths a minute, 23040 a day...NO one knows which one will be their LAST!


                        Re: Taweez

                        as-salamu alaykum

                        1 - There is no dispute among the scholars on taweez being haraam to wear if they have something other than the Qur'an and dua'as authentically narrated by the Prophet (sal-allahu alayhi wa sallam)

                        2 - There is a difference of opinion among the scholars on wearing taweez which have Qur'an or dua'as authentically narrated by the Prophet (sal-allahu alayhi wa sallam) written on them.

                        Imam Ibn Abi Shaybah (rahimahullah) dedicated a chapter on the Salaf's (rahimahumullah) disliking of amulets.

                        For more one may refer to

                        If the person is seeking for fatawa then please check with a scholar and you can follow whatever opinion he gives regarding taweez with Qur'anic ayat or du'a from Prophet (peace be upon him). Because we are commanded to follow those who are knowledgeable.

                        I would advise others, please do not force fatawa of your mufti on other people - this is not the job of awam.

                        and Allah knows best
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                        Fi Amanillah, Wa As-Salāmu 'Alaykum
                        Bringing Da'wah life!


                          is not haram it is halal,
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