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The Truth About Al-Aqsa- plz read...

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    The Truth About Al-Aqsa- plz read...

    whenever there is mention of the Al-Aqsa mosque in the local and international media, the picture of the dome of the rock appears instead.
    the main reason of this is the public ignorance which is in line with israeli plans.
    zionists in america print and distribute pictures and sell it to the muslims. sometimes at a very cheap price or free. this is so that muslims post it their homes and offices. ISRAEL WANTS TO VANISH THE PICTURE OF AL-AQSA MOSQUE FROM THE MINDS OF MUSLIMS.
    so that they can destroy it and build their temple without any publicity....
    and if any1 condemns this or complains..then israel will show the live picture of the Dome of the Rock.. to show their innocence! What a plan!
    Brothers and Sister..plz b aware of this consiracy and pass this information on to as many ... JAZAKALLAH

    Dome of rock has a big rock inside believed to be a rock on which prophet (saw)ascended before his miraj.All ahadith about it are false.Dome of rock was built by abdulMalik Bin Marwan(Ommayed king who was rular of syria at that time),to attract people to jerusalam and to prevent them from going to Makkah where Hazrat Abdullah bin Zubair was gaining popularity.