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some earlier posted that picture

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    some earlier posted that picture

    about the tree facing mecca and was praying nimaz.
    and i want to know were do you find facts like that is there a site about all the facts and pictures some one tell me plz.

    Dear Brother-

    There is a lot of information on the net but you have to be cautious, because not all is correct. Bulletin Boards are a dangerous place to obtain your Islaamic foundation, please be wary of this forum.

    I myself prefer to get my information on Islaam from books and highly recommend this book. It is a book that covers the fundamentals in a easy to understand manner written by someone who converted to Islaam, a long time ago. What Islaam is all about by Yahiya Emerick.

    I also recommend that you go to your local masjid (center of worship) and talk to someone. I believe most masjids have a library of books and there are members happy to share their knowledge to someone seeking it. But please be aware that everyone has their biases about religion. I suggest that u try to find out about God's Islaam and the way the Prophet (peace & blessings upon him) way. There are so many sects and schools of thoughts so try to focus only on what Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught.

    I myself do not belong to any sect nor to any school of thought. I am a humble servant of Allah (swt) and a follower of the Prophet's way (insha'Allah). Insha'Allah, I sincerely hope to help clear some confusion.

    Please be assured that Allah helps those who seek his help and guidance.


      ps. "Namaz" is the word for prayer in urdu, a language spoken by South Asians. Prayer in arabic is "Salah". South Asians also mispronouce arabic so u may want to learn the fundamentals and arabic from a 'learned' religious person so that u learn things correctly from the beginning.



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          pictures are on this site