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Islam and terrorism?

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    Islam and terrorism?


    Yes, I know enough has been said on this subject. I came across this article today, just sharing if someone wishes to give it a read.
    • Every time speculation arises that a bomb is responsible for a tragedy, such as the TWA Flight 800 crash, Non-Muslims & Muslims alike suspect the Islamic connection. Of course the disclaimers abound, but a lingering suspicion about Muslims is left in the general views of terrorism, even if other groups are identified as the main culprits for any particular incident.

      This perception is not due to any intrinsic resentment of Islam by the American people. It is understood that the mainstream of Muslims, the vast majority of them, like in every other faith, is peaceful and pay their taxes, trying to make America a better society, trying to improve relations with neighbors and colleagues.

      But images and terminology influence public opinion, and a bitter taste is left when Islam is reported in the daily headlines. The term "Islamic fundamentalism", whatever it means, has been repeated enough times in relation to violent incidents that naturally, any thinking human being has to be uncomfortable with the fact that America is home to a vibrant Muslim community... Read More

    Assalaamoalaikum ammar bhai, thanks alotttttttttttttttt for this cuz i really reallly really wuz in need for dis article, btw a question, da site dat u jus gave is it from like a person's own opinion or is it like da facts n stuff?? cuz i need dis fo ma research paper..plz plz plz help me on dis im desperate rite now

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    and verily my iman is in my heart,
    and verily my heart does not belong to anyone but Allah(swt).