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A Message From The Great Shepherd, Our Creator

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    A Message From The Great Shepherd, Our Creator

    I was Lead to write this Sept 12, 2001

    Oí True Believers, My Love,
    Your thoughts sound clear every day.
    Allow Me, GODís Love,
    Your Direction, to steer My Way.

    Youíve Trusted in Me, these days gone past,
    Believing My Word, with a Faith to last.
    Last beyond trials, and tribulation to come,
    So why the confusion now, among you some?

    Have you not asked, for insight by prayer?
    Did I not Answer? To ask, do you dare?
    Are you sure, you really Listened?
    For My Answer, is very Clear.
    I need only, to be your Love.
    Itís Satan, who needs your fear.

    Fear is of the world, as is, greed and filth.
    Weakness of man, on poor foundation built.
    Remember, The Family of whom you belong,
    Give GOD The Praise, The Glory, and Song!

    Strength is your Resolve, to overcome the storm.
    You need only Me, in your heart, tenderly warm.
    My Anger is for those, who push Me away,
    Just continue, to Give Me Your Love.
    Each of You, In Your very own way.

    This Love between us, no other can Compare.
    You need only Trust Me, to tend to your fare.
    A Life full of Peace, is what you shall posse.
    Simply continue, My Word,
    Your Choice, to Profess.

    Sing of It Joyously, Hold It up High.
    Live Your Life for me, My Child
    And you will begin, to Understand, Why!

    For through Jesus Christ, Came to all, New Birth,
    A Life filled with Peace, No matter The Earth!

    A Child was sent, to be a Son of Man ,
    Beginning with a simple birth,
    Followed by Three Kings of Land,
    To Bethlehem: Richest of Earth.

    Through out A Ministry of Love, so Rare,
    Every moment He had, He Gave to Care,
    Simply as a Servant,
    The Son of Man.

    Beyond the Crucifixion,
    of a Lamb lead to His Death,
    To this very day, since His Resurrection,
    Promise Fulfilled: There is Life over Death.

    My Will, for All, is Crystal, My Child,
    as clear as it possibly can be.
    Your Life in My Hands, with a Heart thatís True,
    you shall Know, How Very Much Ö

    As from The Beginning, even Before Time,
    To the very End of it all, who do I Hope to Find.
    You, a Heart Given to me, out of Love, not Fear.
    Having been Allowed, your Direction to Steer.

    I long for you to Understand,
    this Simple Message I send,
    and Continue, to Seek The Kingdom.
    For The Lordís Kingdom, Will Come,
    As will The Heart of someone,
    Who Continues, to Seek My Will.

    A Promise Kept, Forever True!
    A Promise I made Directly to YOU.

    Remember ChildrenÖ
    The world is not yours, nor do you, belong to it.
    Scatter not!!!

    Praise You Father, Praise You Lord !
    May I Always serve You
    humbly Yours,