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    Islamic website..

    Hi all,

    what are the websites u usually visit to know more about Islam.. could u post the links here &

    Do u know of websites that have false information about islam.. so that we me avoid visiting them.


    #3 - great site with links to latest articles that are often quite interesting. Also responsible for many converts/reverts each month, one can also donate to them and become a partner in Dawah. This site was also featured in a recent radio program in USA. The site also has a "Prayer Times" calculator for any part in the world (its in the column on the right). - good cyber counselling service and news updates, they have their own correspondents in many areas of the world it seems, and they have a good Fatwa Bank covering almost every issue with supports from Quran and Sunnah. - great website with lovely videos providing scientific proof of existence of God and miracles of the Quran. Also, numerous books and articles by Harun Yahya available online freely. - for downloading a free Quran translation (by Yusuf Ali, Picthall, and Shakir) software called QuranTrans 2.0. You can go to any verse in the Quran by simply pressing a few keys.

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