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*********O Men of War*********

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    *********O Men of War*********

    ***O Men of War***

    The Israeli tanks came rolling in
    And death was heard above the din

    The terrorcraft roared and flew overhead
    As shells exploded while they lay in bed

    Terrified was the shout and wild the cry
    As mother cradled child and watched him die

    The broken bones coloured the land
    So many markers of the tragedy at hand

    And while the oppressor laughed, and the innocent died
    The tyrants shook hands, hugged the killer and smiled

    Neither caring nor concerned for those beloved were they
    Of Jenin, Gujrat, and the massacres underway

    The time has come to hear a different cry
    From hardened troops with iman so high

    O Men of War, O Men of Faith
    Does your blood not boil, does your heart not quake

    When watching your Ummah die, and hearing your sister cry
    Do you remain content, to be observers after the event

    O Sons of Khalid, O Ahle Hamza
    Remember the Ansaar who came from Medina

    Who guarded their deen and gave their life
    And showed the way in this time of strife

    Forget not Khayber, forget not Khandaq
    We defeated them at Damatul Jandal

    Throw off the shackles, remain caged no more
    Prepare yourselves for a victorious war

    The Kafir will shake as you rise like lions
    Your power will sweep away these treacherous tyrants

    Their numbers and power will not save them
    When al-Ansaar march out to stand against them

    The Ummah awaits your glorious arrival
    In Quds, al-Hind, wherever they're in trial

    By Allah you hold the key that will make
    The system we want to once again awake

    So let not the sun set tonight
    Before you make the decision for right

    We are with you every step of the way
    The sweet scent of Khilafah now a short distance away

    Hassan Mujtaba

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      nice poem