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    Discourse on Life

    We live, we die, why would anyone care, and why should anyone care? Many among us die, be it old age, sickness or the brutalities of time, nature, or man, we are all dying, day by day, hour by hour. I use the word dying rather loosely because whenever a woman is raped or a child is orphaned a part of us dies. Literally this would be nonsense but in the context of a societies moral framework this holds true. This death is not only that of our morality but also that of our beliefs and principles.

    Then why is it that we ignore rather euphorically the most inevitable of inevitables; death? It is the naivety, whether artificial or genuine, which is then exhibited in our actions and reactions to events and opportunities in the world. Die we must, yet we yearn for property, wealth too with a predisposition of a ‘cup is half empty’ type mindset.

    Fundamentally, our greatest weakness as a species lies in our ability of foresight into our own demise. Ever since we become aware of this we start to look at life, as if from a euphoric prism. Life appears to split into its constituents, which are in reality only purely virtual, except to us. We delude our perceptions to accommodate this and try gain or rather collect as much of these constituents as we can humanly (at times we exceed these bounds too) possible, as if by doing so we could somehow cling to dear life.

    Pessimistic, maybe, sadistic, maybe, but a fool I am not. For I see life and death as one and the same, as is water and ice, it’s a transcendent interval of being one and the same.

    Man is the root of all evil ... and good!

    Pardon me, but i really didnt get the idea..

    you are just talkin about the death, yet 4getting all the relaiteis of life, Islamic perspective...

    I guess you need read more about Islams point of view about death and life after death..

    Khush naseeb insaan woh hai jo apne naseeb per khush rahay.

    ﻪﻠﻟﺍ ﻝﻮﺳ ﺮﻟﺍ ﺪﻤﺤﻣ ﻪﻠﻠﻟﺍ ﻪﻟﺍ ﻻ