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I Wonder!!!

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    I Wonder!!!

    A very beautiful poem...i guess its in the school curriculum in some Arab country as I was told...

    If the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) visits you,
    Just for a day or two.
    If he comes unexpectedly,
    I wonder what you'd do.

    Oh! I know you'd give your nicest room,
    To such an honoured guest.
    And all the food you'd serve to him,
    Would be the very best.

    And you'd keep assuring him,
    Your'e glad to have him there.
    That serving him in your home,
    Is joy beyond compare.

    But ... when you see him coming,
    Woud you meet him at the door?
    With arms stretched wide out,
    To welcome your visitor.

    Or, would you have to change your clothes,
    Before you let him in?
    And hide some magazines and put
    The Quran where they had been?

    Would you still watch those movies,
    On your TV set?
    Or would you rush to switch it off,
    Before he gets upset?

    Would you turn off the radio,
    And hope he hadn't heard,
    And wished you hadn't uttered,
    That last loud and hasty word.

    Would you hide your worldly music,
    And instead take the hadith books out?
    Could you let him walk right in,
    Or would you rush about?

    And I wonder..... If the Prophet (PBUH)
    would spend, A day or two with you.
    Would you go right on, doing the things you always do?
    Would life for you continue As it does from day to day?

    Would your family conversation,
    Keep up its usual pace?
    Or would you find it hard each meal,
    To say your table grace?

    Wopuld you keep each and every prayer,
    Without putting up a frown?
    Or would you always jump up early,
    For prayers at the dawn?

    Would you always sing the songs you always sing?
    And read the books you read?
    And let him know the things on which,
    Your mind and spirit feed?

    Would you take the Prophet(PBUH) with you,
    Everywhere you plan to go?
    Or, would you maybe change your plans
    Just for a day or so?

    Would you be glad to have him meet,
    Your very closest friends?
    Or would you hope they'd stay away,
    Until his visit ends?

    Would you be glad to have him stay,
    Forever on and on?
    Or would you sigh with great relief,
    When he at last is gone?

    It might be interesting to know,
    The things that you would do.
    If the Prophet(PBUH) , in person, comes,
    To spend some time with you

    Very good
    thanx 4 sharing.
    i hope that everyone reads this.


      Interesting ive used this as an example too in my daily life...but im not anywhere closer to being perfect,(nor will i ever be)just keeping God close helps with some of the hardest decisions in life.....
      ~~~~Love is Grand !!~~~~


        impressive and thoughtful!

        ~yeh noor ke sholay uthtay hain, mera hee dil garmanay ko
        jo bijli ufak main chamki hai, chamki hai mere taRpanay ko~
        Apnay akailay pan ka main kis say gila karoon
        Jis ko bhi murh kay daikha woh tanhayOon maiN hay~
        keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps the singing bird will come


          Jazak'Allah Khairun


            Re: I Wonder!!!

            Bumping this up, it's a very good reminder.
            Tum Karbala kay baad bhee Syed-Sajjad a.s. ho
            Koi or hota tou khatha Khuda koi nahin hai


              Re: I Wonder!!!

              Very thoughtfully written.

              I wud say, we should teach and raise our children keeping this in mind. For instance, to teach them not to lie, one can say, "what if Prophet :saw: found out that you lied, wouldn't he be hurt?". Or for encouraging good deeds, "Awsome, great job, imagine how much would Allah :swt: and Prophet :saw: be pleased to know that you have been such a good kid". This way they learn the presence of Allah and our Rasool :saw: in our lives everyday and not just learning about him through text, websites and books once in a day or week.

              Luv and Death ..... both come uninvited .....