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    Tarot Cards

    what do oyu make of Tarot cards? do they really work...can they tell you the past present and future? any one of you dabbled in them?



    they work

    dont doit now though


      It is haraam to use them.

      They cannot tell you the future, as Allah alone knows this. As for the past and present, then those who read these cards use black magic and jinns (shayateen) to find out your past and present.

      Keep away from them and those who have anything to do with them. And keep away from those who claim to predict the future and delve into your past by reading your present ... they're only after one present, and that's your wallet.



        Well, my best friend did a tarot card reading on me once. I was curious, although I knew it was wrong (May Allah deal with me on that - not YOU), and I did the present reading, just to see if my friend really knew what she was doing, or if she was just yapping. Plus, I was kind of curious. I refused to do the future card though, despite insistance. Well, I can honestly tell you, that I was undergoing some really dumb problems at the time from some "friends" which was occupying my whole life, and this tarot thing hit the whole thing on the dot quite precisely and with detail.

        But, I would never do it again, not just cuz Islam says so, but its kind of a waste of time...I mean u already know ur past and ur present (why would u waste time with cards that tell u already what u know?) and the future...I've always found it more fun and interesting not to know what's around the bend!
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          Not much of a response to this thread...was curious to see how many people are intrigued by the taorts...and what their feelings are on this topic. So ok agreed they can tell you about the present, what about the future? near future and distant future. Your thoughts on that...


            There is no basis what so ever for Tarot cards. Neither is there any any scientific basis for them, nor supernatural - after all, knowledge of the future lies only with Allah SWT alone.

            And most people have enough of a wealth of experience in their past and present that virtually anything a so-called tarot reader comes up with can in some twisted way apply to their past or present.

            Tarot reading is nothing more than a dressed up form of deception, as Sentinel has made clear.
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