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"Seek knowledge even unto China"

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    "Seek knowledge even unto China"

    *sigh* wish I was going on this trip

    Besides China, IslamiCity's second annual study trip to al-Andalus (Muslim Spain) is also currently being arranged.

    IslamiCity 2002 Program to China

    IslamiCity Education Tours is expanding its unique study tour program to include Muslim China. Open to all adults 18 and above.

    August 4-17, 2002

    Looking for something exciting and educational to do? Want to make new friends and meet fellow Muslims from other parts of the world? Seeking to broaden your horizons and your knowledge of Islamic civilization?

    Look no further than IslamiCity’s study abroad program. You can be part of a select group of 15-25 Muslim travelers who will visit China and learn about the incredible society created by Muslims during their presence in China for over 1,300 years.

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