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Changing Last Name After Marriage

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    Changing Last Name After Marriage

    What does Islam say about women changing their last names and taking on their husband's name after marriage?


    From what Ive heard, islamically women dont usually change their name, although it is allowed. However if it means calling her self the 'daugter of' someone else who is not her real father then it is not allowed at all. Some cultures such as arabs the child is called the son (bin) or daughter (bint) with their fathers name as the surname. So that is not allowed but if its the surname as in UK then it is allowed but it is better not to and she should keep her own identity. A right a muslim woman gets.


      Originally posted by M:

      From what Ive heard, islamically women dont usually change their name, although it is allowed.
      Walikum Asalaam can you let me know who says it is allowed?? As far as i know it isn't.

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        After shadi women should'nt change her last name. A child must be recongnized by his or her father. Then how can a woman is allowed to change her name.

        I think its optional. but she doesnt have too . If her hubby or in-laws wants to, then she might want to re-think before saying 'i do i do i do'
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          Some people think that holding a husband's last name is oppression or the like. I dont know. I dont mind taking on my husband's last name...what is in a name? Although if it was better for my career to continue with my original name, I'd probably not change it.

          I dont think its really that big of a deal. You wont go to hell if your last name is changed. That seems to me to be more of an arab cultural thing than an Islamic thing. But then I'm not really in a position to talk.
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