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    Black list of HINDUTVA

    How come pervez Mushhraf be on the top??? and Sonia Gandhi be in it??


    PERVEZ MUSHARRAF - Crime: For overthrowing the last hope of democracy in Pakistan and hopes for peace in Kashmir. This man is directly responsible for the lives of thousands of Indian-Jawans killed at the L.O.C.

    SYED AHMED BUKHARI(IMAM OF JAMA MASJID, DELHI) - Crime: has issued a fatwa against our entire nation ..!!!! he has publicly stated that should the Ram Mandir be constructed , he would personally engineer an economic blockade of Bharat by making use of unconditional help from the Islamic world. This criminal has publicly declared support for the actions of the Taliban for the destruction of the Buddha statues.

    SONIA GANDHI - Crime: Traitor to Hindutva and Hindus, Pro-Christian/Muslims agendas. This criminal is the most wanted as has a long list of crimes committed against Hindutva.

    The Pope - Crime: One of the biggest enemies of Hinduism. He has vowed to harvest India into Christianity. This devil is the backbone of all the immoral, unethical and forceful conversions in India. Hindus need to be aware about the forces at work to tear Hinduism apart. The Vatican, which the Pope is head provides huge amounts of money for missionary activities, particularly in India. The money is hundreds of millions of dollars. These missionaries do anything they can to convert. They purposely pass of misinformation about Hinduism, use monetary incentives and these are two of the mildest methods. The Pope has said in no uncertain terms that he will 'harvest India to Christianity'. This automatically makes the Pope an enemy of Hindus. Our heritage and culture is so rich, it is something to be preserved and appreciated. Why do they want to wipe Hindu culture of the face of the Earth? Conversion to Christianity robs so much of a Hindu. Our scriptures cover the same conduct as Christianity (albeit with more reasoning) but the most important robbery is of freedom. In Hinduism one can has the opportunity to question beliefs and choose which to be adopted and still be a Hindu. With Christianity you have to accept the Bible and Christ or you will go to hell! The bible famously quotes Christ as saying:
    'None come to God accept through me'

    But in the Bhagwad Geeta Shree Krishna says
    'People can come to me through all paths'
    It is not our intention to insult Christianity - but doesn't a system which believes that sincerity of worship, nobility of thought and action and unselfishness (among other qualities) get a person to God regardless of whom they decide to worship make more sense? Isn't such a system of reason based religion something to be preserved and protected at all costs? It would promote peace between religions but alas Christianity cannot see it (Muslims of course need no mention).
    For an interview with a former Catholic who exposes the Pope's hypocrisy check the following link:

    Indeed this make The Pope a very serious enemy!

    OSAMA BIN LADEN - Crime: A criminal against humanity.
    Has waged unholy wars in the name of Allah against India, U.S.A and Israel. Wanted for bombings of the U.S embassy in Kenya and Tanzania. Bin Laden is the basic building blocks of Islamic Terrorism that exist in the world today.

    PAT ROBERTSON (700 Club) - CRIME: THIS MAN IS EXTREMELY TERRIFIED OF HINDUISM AND WILL DO ANYTHING IN HIS POWER TO DESTROY IT. What he fears most is that Christians are converting to Hinduism. He has gone on to great extents by calling Hinduism a 'satanic religion'. He cannot be forgiven nor can his speeches be forgotten. He is truly a devil out to destroy something as pure as Hinduism.

    BENNY HINN: This man is a Baptist evangelist who goes to countries around the world, especially those with large Hindu populations, like Trinidad or Guyana, and preaches about "the evil of Hindus and Hinduism". He also tries to covert Hindus to Christianity. All self respecting Hindu Jawans are asked to stop his gathering by all means possible.

    LALOO PRASAD YADAV - Crime: Swindled the Gau-Chara's money, millions of rupees. Money was sent into his state from the federal government to be used as cow feed to protect the cows from starvation. Laloo somehow managed to get this hands on a large portion of this money. He will burn in hell for eternity. Laloo is also directly responsible for killing the dalits in his regime. Penalty: 2500 lashes, life imprisonment.

    M.F. Hussian - Crime: This scum is responsible for painting provocative poctures of Hindu deities in the name of "freedom of expression". We would like to see him paint a sexual picture of Prophet Muhammed engaged in having sex with a little 6 year old Aiesha. Now that would be real freedom of expression. ALL HIS ART WORK SHOULD BE DESTROYED IMMEDIATELY BY ANY SELF RESPECTING HINDU SOLDIER. NO MERCY SHOULD BE SHOWN TOWARDS THIS DESTROYER OF HINDUISM.
    Photo of M.F.Hussian

    ABU ASIM AZMI - Pro ISI,anti indian, pro jehadi, threat to nation prime accused in mumbai bomb blast.samajwadi party memeber: Locatopn: Mumbai. In a public meeting at mumbai he openly gave a lecture to his followers. CHAHE HINDUSTAN KE TUKDE TUKDE HONE DO PARVAH NAHIMAGAR ISLAM KO IN HINDU KAFRON SE BACHANA HAI

    DAWOOD IBRAHIM - The leader of the pack who eats away at the foundation of Hinduism by bringing in his filth into Indian movies. His hidden messages in these movie are corrupting Hindu minds. The master mind thug behind bollywood. ISI agent, helper and financier.

    DILIP KUMAR - Actor, non-resident Pakistani, notorious Hindu hater.

    SHABANA AAZMI - Actress, ISI & Jihad supporter against India. Anti-National spreads her venom through bollywood.

    SHARUKH KHAN - Hindus should stop watching his movies at once! This Hindu hater has publicly spoken against Hinduism. Dawood Ibrahim and Sharukh have come together to destroy Hindu culture and heritage. Sharukh has declared Osama Bin Laden as his hero. This criminal needs to be sent packing back to Pakistan.

    MR. KRIPASHANKAR SINGH (Home Minister Mantralaya)
    Crime: For supporting Muslim thugs and harassing Shiv Sena members.

    DAVID DUKE: Crime - supremacy, anti-Semitism, neo-eugenics, neo-Nazism, racial tribalism, Christian Identity (racial-religious fundamentalism), and that Hindus are a dusky inferior race of white-black-yellow mongrels, following primitive superstition. This can be found in his book 'My Awakening'.

    M C Subarno - (Senior Indian Administrative Service officer and former regional development commissioner of Chhotangapur, Ranchi). Crime: Charged in the cow fooder scam scandle. Subarno has been named accused in case no. RC 38 (A)/96 of the multi-crore scam.Subarno has been charged with abetting the scam and receiving monetary benefits from the scamsters. Anyone who steals from Gau Mata especially fodder can easily turn on his own mother. Penalty: 1000 lashes and 30 year prison term.

    Syed Ali Shah Geelani (Hurriyat Conference leader) Found Guilty of conspiring against India.Pro-Pakistani, Extremist and an avid supported of Islamic militant groups - Hizbul Mujahiddin and Laskhar e Taiyba

    RAJENDRA YADAV - For disrespecting Lord Hanuman in an article he wrote for 'Hans' Magazine declaring Lord Hanuman, Shivaji, Bhagat Singh as terrorists. No self respecting Hindutva activists should tolerate this.

    SID HARTH - Crime: Hundred of article published against Hindutva. This man is a walking encyclopedia of propaganda against anything Hindu. 1000 lashes for this man cannot be enough. Sid Harth, Newlife Enterprises, 1950 South Shore Drive, Erie, PA 16505. Tel: (814)459-8567, [email protected]

    M.J.AKBAR - this criminal is a very cunning musalmaan, he is editor of congress mouthpiece in A.P.called Deccan Chronicle [daily news paper].He is on the forefront of anti-hindutva brigade. His news paper publishes all blatant lies on hindutva.

    Zafaryab Jilani - Crime: The Babri Masjid Action Committee and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad seem to be on a collision course. VHP president Ashok Singhal said here on Sunday the date for starting the construction of the Ram temple would be announced on January 21 by the Dharam Sansad, even as Babri committee convenor Zafaryab Jilani said that Muslims would physically resist such an attempt.

    M. Veerappa Moily - Crime: For the deaths of 5 Hindu patriots who wanted to hoist our national flag during Independence day. This criminal was responsible for commanding the police to shoot at these patriots. Their deaths will be avenged.

    B.N. Pande - Cirme: In The Telegraph newspaper dated 3/1/2001, the imbecilic Mani Sankar Ayer, reported that the historian Vishwanathan Pande had revised Mughal history to show that Aurangazeb did not sack Kashi-Vishwanathan temple because he was a Muslim. B. N. Pande apparently wrote that a Nepalese princess was entrusted to the care of Aurangazeb; he put her in the Kashi temple. But the hindu priests molested her and other hindu ladies with her. To avenge her honour Aurangazeb desroyed the temple. I do not know whether the historian had actually written these things or Ayer is making it up, but someone is lying their heads off. I also hold the newspaper responsible for publishing such lies in the name of secularism.

    Kanwal Rekhi - This criminal and his group The IndUS Entrepreneurs have decided to invest in Pakistan. This will allow the Pakistanis to benefit economically and more importantly militarily. Thus will in turn allow I.S.I. to operate with more resources in it's promotion of terrorism to India.

    Mulayam Yadav Singh - Crime: For ordering the killing of Kar Sevaks. Charged with : MURDER

    Kuldeep Nayar - Crime: Extremely Anti-Hindu, resident Pakistani

    Shabana Azmi - Crime: Actress scum, involved in making several Anti-Hindu movies with immoral themes. This women will do anything to make Hindus look bad.

    Deepa Mehta - Crime: For producing movies that depict Hinduism as being immoral. Her sidekick Shanana Azmi. Wolves are known to travel in packs.

    Jyoti Basu - Crime: Anti-India, Anti-BJP and The Sangh Parivar, A scum commie!

    Romila Thaper - Crime: For distorting the true history of India

    Vincent Kunudukulam - Crime: This priest from of the St Thomas Pontifical Seminary, Aluva who claims to have a doctoral degree has written his thesis on the R.S.S . He has openly declared in several of his works that the RSS is a fascist organization and that Hindutva was a distorted version on Hinduism. It is clearly that his work of "forceful conversions" of Hindus is being interrupted by the Sangh. Too Bad! This scum of the earth needs an attitude adjustment.

    Dilip D'Souza - Crime: Has writing several articles against Hindutva. This man is a Hindu hater.

    Stephen R. Welch - A journalist who writes for The Secular web, web site: Welch is responsible for writing several propaganda articles against Hindutva. His e-mail is: [email protected]

    RABI MAHARAJ - This guy is a so called ex-yogi turned christian. Supossidly lectured in over 500 univ. in 80 countries against hinduism. His funda is that Hinduism is very very satanic and whatso ever good is in it, they copied from chistianity. He has no knowledge about Hinduism and is a self styled Hindu expert in west. This shameless scum is still prowling around. He wrote a anti-Hindu book called "***********i". He is hailed as the christian answer to Hinduism.

    Helen Heklund - This scum owns several web sites that spread false propaganda about Hinduva. This criminal is directly responsible for spreading false lies about the Sangh Parivar and is determined to cause a strife between the Hindus and the Sikhs. Her pro-muslim agenda is clear! The criminal may be using several alias but her mailing address is PO BOX 2427, Grandbury, TX, 76048 (taken off the whois directory on the net). Telephone #: Not-listed. E-mail: [email protected]


    Amitava Kumar
    417 W Nittany Ave,
    State College, PA 16801-4057
    Amitava Kumar has written several articles against the Hindutva movement and has deliberately shown support for Muslims and Christians without any concern for Hindus. He wrote recently for against

    Vijay Prashad - This "pretend to be Hindu" ******* has written several anti Hindutva articles for Little India Magazine. His last article was against which appeared in the May 2001 issue of Little India. This traitor to Hinduism is helping muslims and christians do their dirty work against the Hindu people by writing articles full of Hindu hatred and propaganda. The Soldier of Hindutva are watching you Vijay! Please visit him and call him at: 199 Beacon St, Hartford, CT 06105-2927
    Tel: (860)232-4815. Photo of this devil

    Raza, Mir A
    1128 Boise Dr,
    Campbell, CA 95008

    More to come shortly

    What happens when we're dead? The irony is that all our questions will be answered after we die. We spend our whole life trying to figure out the truth and the only way we'll find out what it is, is to get hit by a bus. And the only comfort that religion offers is that God is driving that bus.

    All racists who are prepared to die for their contry, please do that now.

    [This message has been edited by secret_obsession (edited May 12, 2002).]

    maybe i'm half asleep, i dont know?

    what is the point of this thread, what message are u trying to convey?

    who compiled this list?
    do you believe its genuinity?

    secret.. who are you?


      The url is as follows:

      but I doubt whether majority of Indians subscribe to whatever is written there..some fringe elements of Hindu society..
      and of course the point why Secret posted here?


        It is not hard to see that Hindus feel threatened by many sides. Their fear of loss of their culture and religion is founded in fact. This is not meant to condone the horrid actions done to others by them, but merely to show that they feel under siege. To have a sense that a part of a national identity is being lost must be awful. Imagine if Arabia were in danger of loss of the things which make it what it is. I am not a Hindu, but have a respect for it's inclusion in the body of world culture. I am not Muslim, either.

        [This message has been edited by TOMASSO (edited May 14, 2002).]


          TOMASSO a majority of HIndus don't feel 'Threatened' by Muslims.
          Anyway even if your argument is valid and Hindus feel threatened about their culture, their land being taken away still Indian Muslims have nothing to do with it.


            Originally posted by TOMASSO:
            I am not a Hindu, but have a respect for it's inclusion in the body of world culture.
            tomasso, you say that you have a respect for hinduism in the body of world culture?

            i tried to look through your previous posts, but couldn't find what i wanted.

            so i will assume that you are muslim?

            why do muslims not respect themselves and their own religion first and THEN go on to defend, sympathise and promote other religions etc

            i have no sympathy for hinduism, the mythological religion. I actually feel sorry for the pious, religious, devoted worshippers in Hinduism. If they spent so much time, efforts and sincerity in ISLAM, their life here and thereafter would be made!!

            I understand that it is hard to deviate from ones religion and beliefs but when the truth is hitting you in the face why not give in?

            On the other hand christianity and Judaism at least they are ehle kitaab.


              Darn!! All One Billion Hindus are weeping because some people have no respect for their Religion!!!


                well trust you to come up with that reply? as ever you are showing your immaturity.

                "itne daant nikaal ke na hansa karo, koi daant torh na de"


                  You people are wondering why even I started this thread.
                  Well last night I was bored , visiting differenr sites as usuall. This list made me laugh and I posted it.

                  I was sirprize to see that PAT ROBERTSON (700 Club) is in this list too. I have been watching him a lot and I thought he hate muslims only. But I am relieve to know that we are not the only nation he hates. He hates everybody other than his own.

                  Thomasso: You are right some hindus do fear that their survivle is in danger, but the funnny thing is this that muslims feel the same, jews feel the same , christians feel the same. Or atleast some of them feel the same.

                  Main purpose of this is that muslims are often blamed of being in terrorist organizations. Now whats the difference in this Hinduvita movement and islamic movements (Jamatay Islami, Lashkaray Tayeba) in Paksiatn. Atleast their aim and websites are similar.
                  So conclusion is this Hindus are terrorists too, they too have jihadi movements.

                  saimahasnain: whats wrong in respecting hinduism? I have always respected this faith... till now, in these fourms they don't respect mine so I am either not obligated to respect theirs. I have learn to disrespect.

                  "Philosopher, Orator, Apostle, Legislator, Conqueror of Ideas, Restorer of Rational beliefs.... The founder of twenty terrestrial empires and of one spiritual empire that is Muhammad. As regards all standards by which human greatness may be measured, we may well ask, is there any man greater than he?"


                    secret_obsession, just a little correction.
                    Hindutva bad as it is, is nowhere comparable with their Muslim Brother's doings.
                    They don't interfere in other countries for example!!!

                    And that's what the World cares about mostly!!


                      and what you consider "other countries?"

                      remember Islamic nation or muslims are not bounded in geographical boundaries. And all muslims are one nation. So they don't interfear in other countries, they help their brothers and sisters wherever they can..

                      No that I agree with those movements, i am just explaining their view.

                      "Philosopher, Orator, Apostle, Legislator, Conqueror of Ideas, Restorer of Rational beliefs.... The founder of twenty terrestrial empires and of one spiritual empire that is Muhammad. As regards all standards by which human greatness may be measured, we may well ask, is there any man greater than he?"


                        Well, secret_obsession since you recognized their ideology, you can also see where it conflicts with most of the countries in the World.

                        Ofcourse the whole world is saying it is bad ideology now that the West is under attack.
                        Whatever happened before in Kashmir or Afghanistan?


                          Why give unnecessary publicity to a bunch of morons?

                          The leeches of Hindu Unity do not deserve such attention.


                            not the whole world Mr. Andhra....just you or just some like you.

                            and even if the whole world says it so what??? i can justify it with a hadees that says that muslims are one nation and entire world is another." so just a collapse of two nations they alll fear Islam, offcourse for many people truth is hard to swallow.

                            Attack on west was terrorism by terrorists. and 26% world's population should not be blamed for those dozen people.

                            But in Kashmir there is only one kind of terrorism. state sponsered terrorism by India. and the resistance you see there are freedom fighters, offcourse if majority is muslim, who are being ferociously repressed and abused by the infidel hindus than it is the duty of all good muslims to succor them in their hour of need.

                            but unfortuantely most don't care, or leaders of nations don't care. and group of few good men cannont defeat an organize military power india. Because now in wars people need weapons not spiritis.

                            here I know kashmiri muslims who would walk out of a party or dinner if somebody turn on indian music. That tells me how much kashmiris dislike indian rule. Otherwise I would have also belive that why fight for kashmir.

                            "Philosopher, Orator, Apostle, Legislator, Conqueror of Ideas, Restorer of Rational beliefs.... The founder of twenty terrestrial empires and of one spiritual empire that is Muhammad. As regards all standards by which human greatness may be measured, we may well ask, is there any man greater than he?"


                              But in Kashmir there is only one kind of terrorism. state sponsered terrorism by India. and the resistance you see there are freedom fighters, offcourse if majority is muslim, who are being ferociously repressed and abused by the infidel hindus than it is the duty of all good muslims to succor them in their hour of need.[/B]
                              if you call flushing out Kasmiri Pandits out from the valley a 'freedom struggle' then you can legitimise the riots in Gujarat as well...