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    Islamic rap

    You can buy this off of these websites:

    I didn't really like most of them except one, but the initiative is great Masha'Allah.

    Muslim Youth of North America (MYNA) is an organization dedicated to promoting Islamic awareness in Muslim youth. MYNA RAPS is one of MYNA's most successful projects. MYNA has produced 5 albums of Islamic songs and raps written by Muslim youth from the United States. The four available albums are The Straight Track, The Inner Struggle, The Next Level and the latest release, For the Cause of Allah. Despite our restricted use of certain instruments, we were able to create amazing songs that have brought many to a new consciousness about Islam. MYNA sincerely hopes that these tapes help you increase your taqwa (God-consiousness) and bring you closer to Allah (SWA).

    Who is MYNA Raps?

    Basically MYNA Raps is just a bunch of youth who write songs about Islam and the struggle as young Muslims in America. We are not really a group or anything. Anyone who has talent and writes Islamic lyrics on specific aspects of life as a young Muslim in America is welcome to represent on the tape.We try not to be superficial and just say good things about Muslims and Islam but rather go in depth into what really concerns Muslim youth in this country. Our main goal is not to please the people but to please Allah (SWA).

    Where is MYNA Raps located?

    MYNA Raps has no real location. A couple of brothers and sisters in the D.C. Metropolitan area have spearheaded the project for the last several years. But talent can come from anywhere. The very first MYNA Raps was produced by brothers in Indiana. The tapes themselves have been sold internationally.

    Who gets the money from MYNA Raps?

    Since the work we do is only for the sake of Allah, we give the money made from the sales of the tapes to MYNA (Muslim Youth of North America). The money goes into funding camps and conferences in order to develop a higher awareness of Islam in Muslim youth.

    Why does MYNA Raps use no wind or string instruments?

    There is a very big debate over the use of musical instruments. Some scholars such as Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi say that if the lyrics of the music is Islamic, then any type of musical instrument is permissible. However there are others that say that wind and string instruments must be avoided and only percussion (drums) instruments can be used. There other scholars that say that only the duff (tambourine) can be used. Even other say no instruments at all are allowed. Since this is such a hot debate, we tried to use the least amount of instruments possible and still give the sound most American Muslim youth are used to. All the sounds are produced electronically and we try to pick only the sounds that resemble a percussion sound. Some songs on the tapes use no instruments at all while some are limited to just basic drum sounds. Others use a array of different percussion sounds including electronically produced sounds of the marimba, log drum, and other percussion. We pray to Allah that our intentions are accepted in this matter and we have made a correct decision.

    Why do all MYNA Raps have a similar format?

    If you listen to any MYNA Raps, you will notice a similar format in each tape. This is done so that the youth can be exposed to Quranic ayats and Arabic nasheeds in addition to the songs. We try to preface each tape with Arabic nasheeds (songs/chants) and have an ayat of the Qur'an before each song. This way the listener will be able to understand the song better after hearing the verse that precedes it.

    What style of songs are on MYNA Raps?

    Despite the name MYNA Raps, we try to be as diverse as possible when producing an album. On the tapes currently available, we have a variety of styles including rap, reggae, and regular songs. We always include a song/chant that repeats an Arabic phrase like "La illaha illlah" (There is no God but Allah).

    MYNA.. is jus one of it..
    Soldiers of Allah ( )
    and ANP ( ) are also very good..

    "Only for Allah and to gain His pleasure"
    "You are either slave to what made man or u are slave to what man made"


      Many many thanks, Warrior of Allah.

      Hadn't seen those websites previously. Thank you very much.


        They talk about killing, Jihad and talking over the world etc.. BS


          Originally posted by xsdenied:
          They talk about killing, Jihad and talking over the world etc.. BS
          All I have to say is HAHAHAHAHAHA

          "By Allah I long to escape the prison of my ego and lose myself in the mountains and deserts , these sad and lonely people tire me" ---Rumi


            Originally posted by xsdenied:
            They talk about killing, Jihad and talking over the world etc.. BS
            Sorry, but which song/s did you derive that message from?


              AoA, 'Soldiers of Allah' use a lot of musical instruments. Isn't it then equally as bad? Because Islam has forbidden us from using certain instruments.

              btw..i'm ONLY talking abt 'Soldiers of Allah' and i think the other ones called 'Raihan'.


                Raihan doesn't use a lot of instruments. It sounds like a capella mostly. I think there may be some use of atamberine and some drums in some of the songs.

                I think its so much better to listen to Islaamic songs than turning on the radio and listening to things that glorify sex & violence. But hey, its your choice, if you're able to totally cut out music from your life then more power to you (maybe )


                  Ps. Raihan is not rap

                  Yaa Hayyu yaa Qayyoomu bi-rahmatika astagheethu aslih lee sha'nee kullahu wa laa takilnee ilaa nafsee tarfata 'ainin


                    Muni: I know Raihan's not rap, but it's one of the bands using instruments that are forbidden. I recently came across this fatwa stating that there should be no instruments in nasheeds or something like that Fatwa stated that only women can use instruments that are allowed in their gatherings and not men (nasheeds are mostly by men).


                      Islamic rap? lol.


                        Here's some good Islamic madih!

                        * rap, that excludes exaggeration, or unlawful Muic. Itís another way to reach out to non-Muslims in the way they understand. Any way it takes, Muslims seek different ways to serve Islam.

                        Ahmad G
                        Islamic Studies Teacher/Student.


                          I know that the intentions of such groups are good, and are only to teach people about Islam, strengthen their faith,etc. but for some reason I have a tendency to shy away from 'Islamic rap'. I remember learning about the Soldiers of Allah a few years ago, I got really excited, downloaded their songs 'n lyrics, but after the 'newness' of it all woreoff I realized I didn't like it at all.

                          'kay guys this is just my own opinion. It all just seemed so harsh, even distasteful. Maybe it was because of the culture associated with rap, stereotypes - perhaps, but perhaps not. And also just that, the tone always seemed so full of revenge, anger, particularly that of Soldiers of Allah. I dont know, I just didn't like it, some of the messages were really good, and I still have some of the lyrics, but the songs I got rid of. For some reason they just didn't seem 'Islamic'.

                          I guess to quote from Sadiaa's thread regarding nasheeds, "They should not resemble the tunes of the people of immorality and promiscuity." ( that kind of clarifies where I'm coming from.

                          I'd like to know what you guys think about this, any thoughts?