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I'm dissappointed

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    I'm dissappointed

    At the materials being posted here and I think it would be best that I did not visit this forum again.

    I have qualms against both shias and sunnis here.

    To my shia brothers/sisters:- I have tried to explain your view points here but u have to understand that I follow the Hanafi madhab. Therefore, I may not be able to explain some of your beliefs very well. You should try to explain yr beliefs on your own so that our non-shia brothers/sisters can gain from your insight.

    I know that some of you try to but it doesnt seem to come out right. Many a times, your descriptions are more emotionally based. This makes it hard for the ahl-sunnat followers to understand your position.

    To my sunni brothers:- It saddens me that some have accused me of not being sunni just because I desire friendship between the two communities.

    If what I say classifies me so easily as a shia in hiding, I fear that we have sunk deeper into religious segregation than what I had presumed.

    My only intention was to bring about more harmony between the two schools of thought, even if it is only on this forum

    And Allah (swt) knows Best.

    A Wizard arrives neither early nor late, but precisely when he chooses to

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    Don't take it to heart. Just because you demonstrate knowledge and compassion, there are people on this forum who will start accusing you of double identity. I am far less knowledgeable than you. I have been accused of being a hindu, a jew, a missionary, a kafir, etc. etc.
    I never understood why would people accuse me of double or triple identities. It is slowly dawning on me that unfortunately most of the accusers live in societies where you can probably get killed for speaking your mind, and hence it is very common to say things that you don't believe in.
    Moreover, a lot of the scholars on this forum are really very narrow based and have little contact with the modern world.
    I am learning a lot. I never knew that there was so much hate and anger among the Pakistani muslims. Now some of postings in dawn and jang make a lot more sense.
    It would be a shame to yield ground to the ignoramuses!!


      Thanks OL.

      I don't want to intrude on anyone's space. But neither do I want to defend myself each and every time I reply to posts which are nothing less than utter nonsense.

      The shia/sunni killings, the bomb blasts, and all have to stop - and they can only stop once ppl are aware of the correct beliefs that schools of ppl follow.

      When the Fellowship of the Ring ended, I had to leave Middle Earth.

      May be I need to here as well.

      A Wizard arrives neither early nor late, but precisely when he chooses to


        You keep quoting Tolkien, Wizard, and you will certainly be called a Christos!
        Unfortunately, they do not even realize that it is utter nonsense!! But their time has passed; it is just they don't realize it yet.


          May the sane ones rule.


            Originally posted by Gandalf:
            May the sane ones rule.
            And may the insane ones (wahabis) burn in hellfire.



              If you really think there is hatred being professed between the two beliefs then you have no right to leave.

              You walking out in protest will not help the situation at all, will only worsen it.

              The solution is to stay here, keep your calm & profess your tolerance, so maybe others will follow!
              I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
              - Robert McCloskey