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UNESCO and Islam Conference in September

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    UNESCO and Islam Conference in September

    wish I were attending this.

    The International Exhibition on Islamic Science, 30 September 2002 - 31 January 2003, Palais de la decouverte, Paris

    "It is within the objective of building a lasting culture of peace that the Director-General of UNESCO has decided to organize this exhibition."

    *** Check out the Presentation (on PowerPoint) **

    Main sponsors: United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO); Islamic Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (ISESCO); Arab League Educational, Cultural & Scientific Organization (ALECSO); World Islamic Call Society (WICS); The Institute of Arabic-Islamic Science, Frankfurt Germany; Le Palais de la Decouverte, Paris

    Islamic civilization was an important link in the cultural and scientific history of the western old world. From the ninth century AD and until the end of the fifteenth, Islamic civilization was leading in all fields of science, technology and medicine.

    The transfer of Arabic-Islamic sciences to the West through various channels paved the way to the Renaissance and the Scientific Revolution in Europe. The general public in the West is unaware of the important contributions of Islamic civilization to the heritage of the West and of mankind.

    One of the objectives of the Exhibition is to bridge this gap in knowledge and to present in an effective and visual manner the major achievements of civilization. The exhibition will be the occasion to stress the spirit of tolerance, which characterized that period.

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    Many thanks for sharing this article Nadia. I think its very important for us muslims to organise exhibitions such as these. They will go along way in educating those people who misunderstand our great faith and will also remind muslims about our Islamic heritage.