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The situation of the muslim ummah today

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    The situation of the muslim ummah today

    A very moving and touching hadith, a concern for the current muslim ummah.

    The Prophet (saw) said:

    “A time will come when nothing will be left in the minds of the people from
    the Qur’an except its calligraphy and from Islam except its name. People who
    call themselves Muslims will be the furthest from Islam. Mosques would be
    filled but empty from guidance. The Ulema (scholars) of that time are the
    worst under the heavens. From them, the elements of division and misguidance
    are spewed and unto them, will return.”

    Reported by Tabarani, Dailamy and Al-Hakam.

    This Hadith as every other Hadith has the ability of expressing very
    profound thoughts in to a very few words. The Prophet (saw) is describing a
    time which frightfully fits the time we live in. The Hadith signifies the
    path of a Muslim being remote from the true understanding of Islam. What can
    be further from Islam than those “People who call themselves Muslims will be
    furthest from Islam” as the Prophet (saw) mentions in the Hadith.

    Unfortunately, the hadith describes the present Muslim Ummah. The Hadith
    applies to us because of our current understanding and perception of the
    Deen of Islam. Our behaviour reflects the perception of Islam as a
    ritualistic/spiritual creed. Our respect for Islam has dipped to an all time
    low by our attitude of ‘Picking and Choosing’ from Islam, i.e. that part of
    Islam which suits us and rejecting the other parts which conflict with our
    adopted lifestyle. As a result of this selectivity the ayat and ahadith are
    twisted and decontextualized to suit our purpose. We have made Islam
    subordinate to our mode of living, when it should be the other way around.
    Islam should be the one and only source which will order us to conform our
    lifestyle to the orders of Allah (swt)!

    A good example of this occurs in Ramadan when millions of Muslims take it
    upon themselves as an objective to finish the complete recitation of the
    Qur’an at least once. However, much to our dismay, millions fail to realize
    the absence of the Qur’an from their lives. The Qur’an has become an
    isolated book which is recited on the occasion of Ramadan or at the death of
    an individual. Furthermore, more penetrating is the failure of the masses to
    connect the Qur’an with their program of life's daily activities from the
    simple transactions at the supermarket, to the oppression in every corner of
    the globe. The Qur’an has been reduced to an object of reverence,
    calligraphy and recitation. It should be retrieved from the graveyards and
    dusty bookshelves and put into implementation where all of humanity will
    reside under its shade of justice. The highest level of admiration of the
    Qur’an can be witnessed by all humanity when the Muslims apply it in all
    aspects of life.

    It is blatantly clear that we have forgotten the Islam which concerns itself
    with the systems of ruling, economics, education, social relations and
    foreign policy. These essential aspects of Islam seem to have been
    dismantled one after another and the first and foremost principle being that
    of the system of governance, islamic ruling system {Al-Khilafah}. The
    prophet {saw} said in a hadith {to the nearest translations and my own
    understanding} "that the knots of islam will be undone one after the other,
    the first being the knot of salaah {salah in this meaning refers to ruling}
    and the last being the knot of siyaam" {fasting}

    Our Islamic Aqeedah (belief) from which we derive our actions is no longer a
    conviction any more “La illaha illal lah” has become a fossilised phrase by
    our compromising attitude on each and every issue. All of us, at one time or
    another have witnessed this compromising attitude. For example, this
    compromising attitude can be clearly seen when Muslims plead their case to
    the United Nations, and when they are reminded by the explicit Qur’anic
    injunctions against such actions, they respond by advising the use of Hikma
    (Wisdom) or indicating the times have changed. We should ponder this
    unfortunate reality and ask isn't this Lip Service to Allah (S.W.T)?

    Why do we continue to trouble ourselves with completing the recitation of
    the Qur’an during Ramadan, when we fail to give it the “Grand Respect” which
    it so rightly deserves by implementing it in our lives. Our current outlook
    on Islam has dehydrated the Islamic Aqeedah, from an Aqeedah which regulates
    man, life and the universe to an Aqeedah that resembles the creed of
    Christianity and Jewdaism which openly excepts the Kufr principle of the
    separation between religion and the state. In contrast, when a few hundred
    Sahabah (R.A.) possessed the Islamic Aqeedah and from it manifested the
    uncompromising attitude towards any issue between Islam and Kufr, it drove
    them to a momentous victory which mankind is eager to witness one more time!

    The above mentioned observations clearly point to a fact of our ideological
    depravity. We have failed to realise the importance of the role of the
    Messengership of Mohammed (saw).

    There is hope because the Prophet (saw) said:

    “There will continue to be a group from my Ummah, steadfast for the truth,
    not being hurt by those who let them down or disagree with them, until the
    order of Allah (swt) comes and they are victorious.”

    The choice is before all Muslims to rekindle the torch of Islam as it was
    given to the Sahabah (R.A.) from its text (wahy) and not from OUR customs,
    traditions or experiences. This torch can only be rekindled when we return
    to the text (wahy), and then apply it upon the Ummah so that we may
    Inshallah fulfill the obligations.