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British missionaries take ‘sleeper’ jobs to infiltrate Muslim nations

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    British missionaries take ‘sleeper’ jobs to infiltrate Muslim nations,00.html

    British missionaries take sleeper jobs to infiltrate Muslim nations Sarah Baxter and Dipesh Gadher

    DOZENS of British missionaries are being sent undercover into Muslim countries by an evangelical organisation based in the home counties. Members of Frontiers, whose international headquarters is on a country estate near High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, are being encouraged to take up overseas jobs in professions such as teaching and medicine as cover for their work to win converts to Christianity. This gives them a pretext to operate in countries where proselytising is outlawed. Their mission is to integrate with local people, discreetly spread the gospel in their spare time and, ultimately, establish a new church. The way it works is that they go out into jobs. They dont go as missionaries, put it that way, said one member. But these folks know why they are there. The group has been working on its mission for the past 10 years in Britain without attracting any publicity. It has about 70 Britons in north Africa, the Middle East, central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Leaders of the organisation, which unlike other missionary groups exclusively targets Muslims, are predicting that the figure will grow following the creation of the global coalition against terrorism following the September 11 attacks. In an internet article, Rick Love, international director of Frontiers, says: Ultimately, this tragedy could result in greater receptivity among Muslims and greater freedom to preach the gospel. But in the same article Love admits some the missionaries have been moved for their own safety. Founded in America in 1983, Frontiers has more than 600 missionaries in 40 Muslim countries. Its mission statement reads: Our passion is to glorify God by planting reproducing churches among unreached Muslim peoples. The headquarters of Frontiers lies at Horsleys Green, Buckinghamshire. Its British branch, or sending base, has an office in nearby Hemel Hempstead. Frontiers officials declined to be interviewed but said in a statement: The coverage would likely decrease our ability to work in some or many sensitive locations. Its role emerged last week in the American press. The missionaries usually carry out their work in teams of up to 12. Before travelling to a Muslim country they undergo at least two weeks of specialist language and cultural training, including study of the Koran. Defending the use of cover stories, the Frontiers website says: Most Muslims live in countries that do not issue missionary visas. However, Christ commanded us to make disciples of all nations. The penalties for proselytising can be severe. In Saudi Arabia those found guilty face the death penalty. In Pakistan a similar fate hangs over those accused of insulting or criticising the prophet Muhammad.


    The war between the truth and the falsehood will continue until the day of judgement as mentioned in the Quran, but who is alowing these missionaries into our muslim lands to pass their corrupt ideas, the following of which will lead the muslims to Jahannum, it is the corrupt muslim leaders, who see the corrupting of the muslim ummah as beneficial to them staying in power and the Islamic dawah carriers as the biggest threat to their man made thrones.

    Nothing really new in this, is there?