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RE: Prostitution allowed in islam?

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    RE: Prostitution allowed in islam?

    Originally posted by mufakkar:
    Again "Mutah is supported by Shias." Thats your conclusion? On the same path my conclusion would be that Child Molestation is supported by the *ahem* "scholars".

    Mr Flamezz, Mufakir and all those who r so much s*cking this topic of prostitution and blaming Muslims and each other for it. it so much makes me sick.... dont u ppl see or understand why this menace is there? !!! It exist because we let it!! tell me Flamezz (thts wht u call ur wierd self) WHAT do u do if u see for urself a woman selling herself to a man for a night. YOU do NOTHING! absoulutely nothing except trying to forget it all and minding ur own business, at least thts wht 99% of ppl do cus they dont have the guts to challenge the society. Hey its good tht thr r some ppl who see and point out these miserable unIslamic acts, but none have the courage to stand against it practically. Why dont the rich people who keep getting richer, not do anything to address the problems faced by such women and im sure tht all u guys who r discussing this topic are rich or content because when u have no problems of ur own you ppl start pointing to soceity and religious problems. Mr flamezz and dear board members try to peek under ur own collars you will find tht you too are the part of this society tht MAKE these poor women sell themselves just to live on and feed thier children. If you want a solution: work with or initiate social and welfare orgaanization to contribute positively in the pathetic lives of these poor and needy. That is why Islam has ordered to create a balance in the society and has asked able people to give Sadka, Zakat, fitra and other such obligations. So please Muslims dont fight stop blaming Islam and Muslims(astagh fir ullah) because when unbelievers see you fighting among urself they have a little job remaining. Still if any of u have doubts plz plzplz.... consult the holy book "Quran" and u will doubtlessly find all u want. Infact let me give u an advice Mr flamezz: Please consult the "quran" before posting such idiotic questions on the board. Questions as idiotic as "Prostitution allowed in Islam?"
    Apna EEMAAN mazboot karo mr. Ask questions only in order to further strengthen your belief in Islam, not in blasphemy of Islam.

    May Allah have mercy on you!

    uh...."they" started it.....

    ok just a joke, lets not get carried away now....


      Somebody told me that there used to be people whose family name was 'kanjar' or 'kunjar' whose profession used to be the mainstay of the red-light district of Lahore.
      Anyone knows if they are still around? What do they call themselves now?



        Maybe they call themselves Kunjar with a capital K now!!!!!!

        That sounds about right.