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The choices He had?

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    The choices He had?

    I have been reading a lot about prophet Mouhammed (PBUH)'s marriage to Khedeeja (RZ) when she was 40 and he 25 (am i right?). I want to ask what choices he had at that time to marry a younger girl. Was he poor?

    I have read different accounts from historians on this issue. Muslim, Christian & secular historians. All agree unanimously that Hazrat Khadija (ra) sent the message & AnHazoor (saw) was hesitant at first. Though different people give different reasons as to why they believe he was hesitant.

    Most agree on the following reasons why AnHazoor (saw) was hesitant to marry:
    • 1. He was poor & couldn't afford marriage at this time! The average age of Arab men to get married was around 30.
      2. He was uncomfortable with Hazrat Khadija (ra) status being a wealthy woman.
      3. Surprised at the proposal

    Some believe he agreed after taking advise from his dear uncle Hazrat Abu Talib (ra), some say Hazrat Abu Talib knew nothing of this marriage until after it was agreed upon.

    There is no mention in any history about any other proposals or AnHazoor (saw) own interests in marriage at this time.
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