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    To Sentinel and Admins

    Kindly explain why my threads are being deleted.

    Please be so kind and give me the Forum Guideline(s) which I stand in violation of so I can correct my Qibla.

    Many Thanks.

    The Mothership is now boarding
    JaddoN kaddya jaloos ghareeba tay shehr ich choatalee lug gayee

    I noticed that my thread:
    Sura 2:223 is Part of "Perfect Quran"
    has been DELETED.

    I guess the Extremist Islam and their boogey man/women want to keep the people IGNORANT and in the DARK.

    WAKE UP - people!


      extremest here are spreading false propaganda about islam. good work mods...



        The people have woken up!

        That's why the threads have been closed.

        See Ya!!!!


          reza khan my post contained ONLY Sahih Hadiths from books all you mainstream Muslims hold in high regard and consider your religion incomplete without them.

          There was no profanity, no name calling and no personal attacks in the thread.

          I still do not comprehend the reason behind it's removal. If one has policies, then one must judge according to it and be consistent.

          There is a flood of useless and mindless cut and pastes and every lemming just keeps jazakallahing at the end and it's all a merry affair till someone actually invites you guys to think critically for a change.

          Keep Sleeping.. Your Loss.

          Jazakallah Khair.
          JaddoN kaddya jaloos ghareeba tay shehr ich choatalee lug gayee


            Originally posted by reza khan:
            extremest here are spreading false propaganda about islam. good work mods...
            That's good! Nice try at humour but you have REAL LIVE Islamic States like Saudi Arabia, ex-Taleban's Afghanistan, UAE, Sudan, Nigeria, for example, that practises your 7th century tribal rituals.

            To SERIAL:
            Yar - you cannot even look up verses so, why make noise? You are useless as that thing they practise in Saudi Arabia.


              Whats with u if i follow 7th centuary rituals or 6000 year old rituals?? if ur christian, atheist, jewish, have i ever asked u to prove something to me or attacking my faith. get a life stop criticizing peoples faith.


                to Appkiammant:

                Hope you were able to read up on the gregarious sahih hadeeths that are the meanings of the Holy Book and for eternity.

                The thread called:
                Hadeeths re: Women(For appkiamanat)
                has also been DELETED.

                The Sun has sank on your kind of Islam! Good Riddance!


                  I'm not a great fan of seeing people's beliefs being bashed, particularly by one who cannot even explain his own.

                  If you cannot change your tone of adressing the other members in a more orderly fashion, then let it not surprise you when threads disappear.

                  Trying to mock the narraters and compilers of ahadeeth is something that i do not take with a pinch of salt.

                  You are very eager and strive hard to pick out mistakes of historical figures in Islam, yet do not even make an atoms weight of effort to question your own actions and intentions. Stumped and baffled, i fail to recognise, who is it that you are trying to please ... the whim or the desire?

                  Pause and ponder.